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One exception Edit

It is worth noting, as item level has another important factor when dealing with flame leviathon in ulduar (given that item level alone is calculated in modifying the vehicle stats like hp); that there are some surprises.

For instance, some in guild have noted that their epic tabard seems to have a lower item level and hence result in a lower bonus on stat bonuses to the siege engine for instance, then using one of the rep tabards from one of the Northrend faction (both northrend tabards, the rep tabards such as from wyrmrest accord or knights of the ebon blade) is not epic.

Taking these (or even item level on the shirts) can make a small, but noticeable difference. This difference can be a useful consideration when for instance taking it in hard mode, with defense towers up; where one might swap off gear with better stats to one's class (though the tabard isn't one of those); simply to get items with higher item level (regardless of usefulness on stats) to improve one's vehicles for the encounter. The issue of the tabards does denote where with no stats, and the same slot occupied, the epic tabard is showing lower item gear lvl wrt how the vehicles compute it altogether.

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