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Warcraft IV Ideas Edit

Note: This can only be made when WoW looses popularity


Various time periods. Each campaign will be individual from another, possibly a thousand years apart from the rest


Warcraft III was a slight disappointment as you could only really control twelve units at a time, thus making the game about minor skirmishes. In StarCraft II massive armies of hundreds could be raised, fifty mutalisks blotting out the sky, zerglings blotting out the map. A modification of the StarCraft II engine should be used, allowing for at least two hundred units at a time.

You should also be able to set up 'cohorts' which function as a single unit, a large group moving and fighting as one. All spells should have an auto-cast function.

Cohorts can be joined into 'legions', which fight individually when in combat, but still as a group, each cohort staying near the others and near its own soldiers. Cohorts should be around 10-30 strong, usable as raiding parties.

New commands should include 'Scout', which orders a unit to either scout the map (when given no target) or look in a small area (when given a target).

New Unit Types

Warcraft III had the types of Anti-air, Air, Tank, Damage, Siege, Ranged and Support. A few new unit types could be included, such as Scouts (I always had to use workers), Spies (invisible units who act as advanced scouts, not all races should have them). Spies and certain Scouts should have a 'tracking' skill, where they can see where another unit has been, though they can only identify the race.

Evolution System

For a few races, there should be a few research options that evolve the entire race. You can move your race along one of multiple paths, making certain upgrades obsolete and enhancing others. A few races will have evolution missions that simply alter units rather than changing the entire race.


Most races will have Druids, similar to those of the Night Elves from Warcraft III. The following druids will be included:

Druids of the Claw. (Tanks, bear form). Druids of the Talon. (Support, Storm Crow form). Druids of the Pack. (Damage, Wolf form). Druids of the Paw. (Scouting and Damage, Cat Form). Druid of the Horn. (Damage, Bull Form. Not used by Tauren)

Each race with druids has one of three Evolution Missions for them. Druidism of the Wild increases their price by three times its normal amount, but allows them to use all forms. It also enhances the forms they already have. Specialised Druidism decreases their cost by 30%, and increases their strength by the same amount, giving each a new ability. Natural Druidism gives them all additional abilities, including the ability to regrow trees, the ability to heal a group of units and the ability to temporarily make creeps fight for you, among others.



They should have strong but incredibly expensive units. Their buildings, while being weak, are mobile, meaning that two Tauren units can move them. This allows them to re-locate entire bases. They have an 'ageing' system, where a Tauren Youngblood will spawn from their central building every minute or so. These are weak soldiers, but can be sent to specific buildings when they have lived for five minutes to train. They are meant to be a sort of Protoss/Terran race, with mobility and immense strength. They are strongest near the end of the game. Their units include

Plainsrunners. Weak early game Tauren soldier, designed for scouting. Slower than other scout units, but can take more damage. Has the Plainsrunning ability, where his speed increases if he moves for more than ten seconds. These should have the tracking ability.

Defenders. Early game tanks, deal very little damage

Hunters. Tauren with muskets, these act as support.

Riders. Heavy Tauren tanks with high damage, these are the strongest Tauren units in game. They carry two weapons, a musket and a lance, and can switch between them.

Their evolution options should include:

Path of the Taunka. This will turn the next units you create into Taunka, with enhanced health and spell resistance. Their attacks have a 20% chance to slow an enemy, move slightly slower, and summoned units now have a chance to turn on them (See the Taunka article, which states that they still follow shamanism and druidism like the Tauren, but instead force the elements to their will. Thus summoned units have a chance of turning on them). They are meant for dealing heavy damage and stopping an enemy from retreating.

Path of the Yaungol. Turns the next spawned Youngblood and those after it into Yaungol, enhancing its damage, health and speed. They are meant more for hit and run attacks, while still retaining the ability to fight effectively in a large battle.

Path of the Forest. All Tauren gain the ability to regrow trees they cut down, their druids become 20% stronger and their units take on a green tint. Their druids can summon wisps, like night elves, to gather wood, though they only last sixty seconds and cannot build. They are meant more for an economy, to gain enough resources to spread across the map.


High priced units, with strength making up for cost, though not as expensive as Tauren. Their units have a 'berserk' ability, used automatically during combat (no way to cancel it), to increase damage by 3x. It only lasts twenty seconds, though, after which they take 6x damage for fifteen seconds. Thus they work best releasing all their spells and so on to weaken the enemy for the inevitable post-berserk weakness. They are designed to destroy an enemy group in the first thirty seconds of combat, but if they still have opposition after that they have lost the battle. Their units should include

Grunts. Raiders. Kodo Riders. Warlocks. Healers. Wyvern Riders. Shamans.

Their evolution options should include:

Fel-blood. The orcs become Fel-orcs, allowing one fifth of their attacks to deal chaos damage and penetrate armour, gaining red skin, a bonus to damage, and a speed bonus. They also gain the ability to train warlocks. Any healing spells, however, will now damage them, they take 30% extra damage from spells, and they cannot train priests or shamans. The abilities of their heroes are also altered to reflect their transformation. These are meant for more of an offensive method of play, discarding defensive units such as the priest and shaman for offensive units such as the warlock.

Element-blood. Taking on a closer manifestation of the elements, they enhance their own strength. Certain unit types are made far stronger, shamans are cheaper and have more spells, and heroes randomly deal spell damage with each attack.

Blood Elves.

Moderately priced units, with the same strength. They have a resistance to spells and more spell casters than any other race. All Blood Elf units have the Arcane Torrent ability, by which they restore their mana by a small amount, silence nearby enemies and deal spell damage to nearby opponents. Their units should include

Outrunners. Basic infantry, moves faster than most scouts. They also deal moderate damage, thus can be used to harass workers and units.

Blood Knights. Late-game units that can both heal your soldiers and damage the enemy.

Rangers. Archers with exceptionally long range.

Spellbreakers. Same as in Warcraft III.

Priests. Same as in Warcraft III.

Sorceress. Same as in Warcraft III.

Dragonhawk Riders. Same as in Warcraft III.

Their evolution options should include:

The Wretched. A large increase in speed and damage, turning all blood elf models to Wretched models. Their attacks drain the mana of enemies, but they continuously loose their own at a rate of two a second.

Arcane March. Arcane Torrent's cooldown is now ten seconds. Its use restores more mana, and deals 1000% damage to summoned units. This also allows a 20% chance that a spell cast on them will be re-directed on the caster, though this includes those cast by your own units. They gain an extra 50% mana.

Darkfallen. Tampering with the magics of death, all Blood Elf units gain the ability to transform themselves into Darkfallen. This increases their damage and speed, as well as their mana, and allows them to move faster on blight, but they regenerate health at a far slower rate. They regain health equal to 5% of their attack damage when they strike, and are immune to healing. Their buildings can be placed on blight, and when they kill it is spawned from the corpse of their enemy. Their strength is reduced during the day, and enhanced at night.


Cheap units, expand quickly, strongest technologies in the game. Their units should include

Scouts. Assassins. War machines. Fliers. Engineers. Magi. Hobgoblin.

Their evolution options should include:

Gilgoblins. Transforms all goblins save for Hobgoblins to Gilgoblins. This increases their speed, especially in water, allows them to swim, gives them 15% spell resistance, and a 20% chance to evade all attacks. They regenerate health at three times the normal speed when in water.

Hobgoblins. Transforms all goblins into Hobgoblin equivalents. This removes the Fliers, Engineers and Assassins from the game, the remaining units getting a large boost to health, cost and damage, though loosing a small amount of speed.


Cheap units, focus on range and speed, perfect for harassing workers. Expands moderately, their buildings are also mobile but take four units to move (see Tauren). They can build 'totems', which enhance the strength of their units, though these cannot be moved. They start out as Island Trolls, the same type which is allied to the Horde, but can evolve into other breeds.

Their evolution options should be:

Dark Trolls. These trolls have pitch-black skin, and are more agile than other breeds. Their movement speed is increased, as is their attack speed, and they gain the Shadowmeld ability. They can set up Shadow Totem, which creates an artificial night after it has been activated for more than five minutes.

Forest Trolls. Green skinned trolls, these are perfect at using creeps for their own ends. They can 'tame' non-demonic creeps, though it takes thirty seconds, gain the 'Shadowmeld' ability, and can construct two new totems, Totem of the Wild, which calls nearby creeps towards it, and cannot be destroyed by it, and Totem of Taming, which tames any creeps who stand next to it for more than two minutes.

Ice Trolls. A large bonus to attack and defence, 15% spell resistance, and a 10% chance with each attack to slow an enemy.


Cheapest units in the game, which are also the weakest. They expand slowly without fighting, as their attacks have the 'contaminate' ability (10% chance upon striking a building to contaminate it, causing it to produce blight and, if a main building, turn into a necropolis upon suffering this effect five times). Unlike Warcraft III undead, their necromancers raise a permanent -but incredibly fragile- skeletal minion from the corpses of the dead.

Their evolution options should be:

Foul Undead. These have a damage bonus, though they have slightly less health and speed, and slow all enemies they attack. Enemies hit by them, for the next sixty seconds, suffer one damage point per second. If they die while under its effects, they are resurrected as skeletons. Skeletons do not have this ability. When they die they create a small area of blight around them.

Reborn Undead. High-tier units have their health brought down by a third, but 'reincarnate' after being killed. This has a 180 second cooldown.

Night Elves.

Similar to Warcraft III Night Elves. Evolution options:

Elune's Chosen. All night elf units gain a 40% bonus to all stats during the night, but are 20% weaker during the day. Their heroes can use the eclipse ability, which creates an artificial night for twenty seconds.

Cenarius's Chosen. Increases druid potency by 40%, and gives all Night Elf heroes the Force of Nature ability.


Moderate units, moderate strength, few spellcasters, particularly strong buildings. They gain resources at the fastest rate of all races. No evolution options.


Moderate in all trades, easiest race to use. Most of their units from Warcraft III, but their non-human units from it have been replaced (Marksman is now archer, sorceress is no longer elven, and so on). Their evolution options include:

Curse of the Worgen. Infected units transform into Worgen at night, though they retain spells. Worgen are fast melee soldiers, with high damage but low armour. They move on all fours, and when they hit a unit they have a 5% chance of infecting it, turning it to a neutral hostile Worgen at night. This can be removed by a purge spell. You initially gain one Worgen who respawns after being dead for a full minute at your main building. He has the 'infect' ability, which can only be used on your own units, infecting them and turning them into Worgen.

Dawnwatchers. Making a pact with elementals, these humans have a one in five chance of casting one of several spells when they attack. They also gain moderate bonuses to all stats, and their spellcasters gain the summon elemental ability.


Each campaign should be individual from the others, set years apart. They will include several for each race, which will be, as follows:


Dawnwatchers. Follows a human village in Loarderon, when Arthas returns from Northrend and kills his father. They make a bargain with Ragnaros for elemental abilities, which they must use to travel to Kalimdor and join Jaina's fleet.

Blood of the Wolf. All your units are Worgen in this campaign, focusing on a village which stands on the outskirts of Gilneas. It comes under the Worgen curse, and the Night Elf fleet fails to rescue them. The storyline follows the Worgen crossing the Eastern Kingdoms, then reaching Kalimdor by ship. From there they must fight their way through the Barrens, reach Ashenvale, and find the last Druid of the Pack, who lies in a coma within the barrow dens.

Night Elf

War of the Ancients. Follows the War of the Ancients, with Malfurion Stormrage as the protagonist.

Light of Elune. Follows Tyrande as she attempts to hunt down a surviving group of demons, led by the pit lord Mandragoran.

Child of Cenarius. A son of Cenarius, in meditation for a thousand years, woken during the events of Cataclysm and told his father has been killed. This campaign follows him attempting to kill Garrosh Hellscream


Sword of the North. A group of Taunka attempt to deal with the Lich King's threat.

Fist of the Yaungol. Follows a Yaungol warlord attempting to unite the tribes

Path of the Forest. A Tauren druid and his tribe are separated from the Horde during the Burning Legion's invasion. They meet up with a group of Night Elves, and learn their secrets before they attempt to return.

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