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AllianceNPC 32Talonash
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Character class Hunter
Position Mining, Herbalism
Location Unknown
Status Traveling Azeroth in search of missing children.
Relative(s) Husband: Mishtok (deceased) and two children: Nisa and Remi (missing)

Talonash Edit

Talonash is a middle-aged Draenei hunter. Her life-mate was taken hostage by Blood Elves shortly after the Draenei ship crashed on Azuremyst Isle. The love of her life, a noble warrior named Mishtok, is confirmed dead as witnessed by her brother-in-law who, though also captured, was able to escape.

She and Mishtok have two children, twins, a boy and a girl, whose whereabouts are at present unknown. She chooses to believe they survived the crash since no sign of them ever has been found and she can only hope they have not fallen victim to the atrocities of Blood Elf treatment of prisoners. Each Spring during Childrens Week she goes on a rampage searching all of Azeroth and Outlands in the hopes of finding her offspring among the orphans traveling with escorts throughout the regions.

Description Edit

Tall with long black hair pulled back with a purple silk sash; it rather resembles a belt of some sort. She wears chipped and scraped chain mail bracers with an intricate design hand-painted on them, two sets of concentric circles side-by-side. She carries a sword on which there are multiple little lines in a row carved into it.

Personality Edit

Talonash by nature is quiet and peaceful. She was once perfectly happy being a stay-at-home mom raising her twins. Nisa and Remi were homeschooled and showed tremendous learning apptitude despite their...'challenges.' It is because of their need for special care that she is especially eager to find them.

To survive after the crash, now alone with no husband or children, Talonash has learned to live with new-found aggression. She finds invasion of her personal space extremely offensive and is quick to respond. She has an exceptional hatred of Blood Elves and for them she shows no mercy on the battlefield. She maintains a collection of 'momentos' taken from the Blood Elves who have had the misfortune of meeting Talonash personally.

History Edit

Once a stay-at-home mother Talonash was forced to learn the ways of a Hunter after the crash to avenge her life-mate's murder and to search for her missing children. All of her life she had been groomed and trained to become a good wife and mother. Her marriage, arranged by two well-respected families in the Draenei community, had been a loving one. She would never have dreamed she'd ever need to become a skilled marksman, tracker, and animal tamer. Fate has a strange way of turning the tides of one's life unexpectedly. Her once peaceful life is now a distant memory.

Out of Character Information Edit

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