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Thanks for all the hard work, Cardd! Edit

Hello, Cardd!

This is Gregori! I wanted to say I really appreciate all the work you have done on the WowWiki for Altar of Storms. It really is impressive. Thanks for all your Contributions!

I captured your messages and posted them to the Altar of Storms realm forums along with the title you gave your message: Dead Since Card Left. I really hope you don't mind. After all the time you spent designing the Altar of Storms WowWiki, and all the times people bumped your video, it was opnly fair to pass along your "Hello". :) Heh! It appears that at first [A]MicroNinja/ [A]Bonus / [H]Animation thought that I, myself, said the server was dead since Cardd left, and he wondered if I was some type of stalker. ;-)

Nice virtually meeting you!

[ EDIT: If there is anything you want to post on the Altar of Storms realm forums, I can copy, paste, and quote it verbattum. Manicman11 18:50, 14 March 2008 (UTC) ]

--- Manicman11 14:31, 14 March 2008 (UTC) [ User talk:Manicman11 ]

Hey! I was bored at work and went through each one of your revisions of the site, from May 2006 to Jan 2007, cut-and-pasted all the "Breaking News" announcements into Notepad. I created a "Pre-BC" page for archival purposes, using the Last Known Good verson before the Burning Crusade, and placed the compilation of "Breaking News" there. It's a nice timeline of those early days that were before my time here.

Heh. With the new site, I created a new section called "Forum Personalities" where everyone can add their own name. It's turned into its own little flame war. :)

--- Manicman11 19:08, 15 March 2008 (UTC) [ User talk:Manicman11 ]

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