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The minis are an annoyance not part of the history of muradin. All visions did was sell everything to the highest bidder, there wasn't anything charitable about his/her actions. I am not vandalizing the page because you have a distorted view of what happened or what should be considered history. At first I figured u were just the leader of the mini mob but I am starting to think you are visions as well get over your self either way.

You're a friggin joke and part of the problem on this server. What are you going to report me for? Not agreeing with your opinions of your friends? "Mommy he isn't playing nice" If you kick and cry the mini mob is still garbage and not worth mentioning.

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Welcome to WoWWiki. Please be reminded of the Three revert rule. Mindlessly reverting articles back and forth is not productive and will get users banned if they keep it up. Please stop now and come to a consensus on the talk page.

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Visions never sold ANYTHING? are you out of your mind? I bought things from him/her so it's pretty safe for me to say that he was a seller.

50% of people aren't going to remember the mini mob 100% of the people that will remember the mini mob will have been members of the mini mob.

Stop making yourself important, stop writing about things that can only be seen as a black eye on the face of our server, and quit undoing my changes

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