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I made this template using Template:Editingtip as an model.
The template uses a simple system to change to a new fact every day in the month. This mean that the same facts show up every month. If there is any interest, it could be upgraded to have a different fact for every day, but that would require a little work.

Ose (c / t) 22:46, 25 January 2008 (UTC)

Nomination Edit

I didn't really study the whole list of facts when choosing which ones to be shown. I started at the top and used those I found particularily funny. If anyone wants to, they can nominate new ones here. Others can give their yes or no vote. If there is an general agreement, the fact will replace another. Ose (c / t)

De-nomination Edit

Since there are only 31 (or less) days in a month, nominating a new fact means that one has to go. If you nominate a new, choose the one (in use) you think is least funny and "de-nominate" it here. Facts in use can be seen here. If there is an general agreement, the fact will be replaced by another. Ose (c / t)

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