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Hi, i hope you like my idea/speculation. Just say if you want to change something or have some suggestions.

neutral faction!!! Edit

What a great idea! i like the idea of furbolgs being neutral, but why not goblins, too? they are already pretty well integrated into the game and are definitely neutral. And how about the Consortium? the ethereals certainly could be considered neutral.

I'm not entirely convinced about lvl 20 decision making. maybe just letting neutral faction races enter BG's, dungeons, and raids in an alliance OR horde team. Or maybe the choice to choose, but not necessarily be forced to pick. it makes it seem as if its not really a neutral group, just 20 levels of deciding. and maybe at lvl 40... along with armor upgrades, mounts, etc...

i just absolutely love the idea of a middle ground between alliance and horde! i guess there are issues, but what progressive decision doesn't have initial flaws? Like would there need to be an entirely new set of pvp gear for neutral?

marks and honor can go both ways, but what about reputation with, let's say, "Silverwing Sentinels." would you rep with outrider's(i think, i play ally FTW) go down? what would be the point of pvp for a neutral faction when your rep would possibly go up and down depending on what side of a PuG you get thrown into. perhaps a neutral faction would be unable to pvp. hmmm... if they are neutral, they dont want to attack one faction for the sake of another.... or do they? perhaps they will be like mercenaries, who knows? I just love this idea!!!

Keep it up! great thinking outside the box! just think about all the possible upcoming races: wargen, ogres, naga, satyr's(probably not), and even murlocs(LOL).

I lost my password so i will use this account from now. Goblins will be a neutral race in Great Sea expansion, Ethreals in the Twsiting Nether expansion. These are my planned hero races per expansion:

The Emerald Corruption (Emerald Dream): Worgen and Furbolg - Ranger hero class.

Rise of the Tide (Great Sea): Goblin & Murloc - Tinker hero class.

The Worlds of Chaos (Twisting Nether): Ethereal & Arrakoa - Demon Hunter hero class.

Parts of the elemental plane will appear in a worldwide event (like Midsummer Festival etc).

I changed the lvl to 10. And they wont have a secondary starting zone anymore. It makes things a lot easier and makes more sense. Also i will change the lore so that the Barrow Deeps becomes a lvl 90 instance but there capital city will still be in the begining of the Deepths.

I see no issues at all. At lvl 10 you become a complete member of the Alliance or the Horde, you become just like a Nighr Elf or Troll.

--Xerox95 (talk) 20:18, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

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