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Darnassian speculation

I saw you changed my
(they / the others / them) to agree
Yes/indeed/agreed to
to sister.
You see the meaning: Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas.
You think duna means agree. Duna is used twice, see? But they still dont say "Yes sister I agree, The greens agree are primitive. What i think is that duna means THEM /many. And since Ana is presumed to mean "I" based on several sentences it must mean that Ana'duna means "us" or something similar. If you look at this again.
Ana'duna falore, iszera duna bantallas.
This must mean something like, word by word:
Many-I(Us) agree(yes), green them(green skins) are primitive.

To me that duna would be agree and falore would be sister makes no sense.
Faeniel on Magtheridon 15:33, March 4, 2010 (UTC)
Actually, if I changed "duna" to "sister", I made a mistake. It's "falore" that's "sister" (as far as I see it). More sensibly, I see it word for word as "Ana'/it duna/is, falore/sister. Izsera/the green ones duna/are/ bantallas/primitive." --Oponyxal (talk) 10:40, March 5, 2010 (UTC)
I think your speculations are a bit far-fetched, and even though I think it's great to have more contributors, I'll continue to return "Falore" to "Sister" and "ana'duna" (as two words - for the phrase, go into phrases) to "our fact". The meaning of "I-others" to be both "yes" and "sister" lacks logic. --Oponyxal (talk) 10:40, March 5, 2010 (UTC)
I never said I-others and yes is the same. Falore is and has always been yes/agree/indeed and Ana'duna is I-others/us/sister. Just because they say: Yes sister in the English version the ORDER of the words in Darnassian might not be the same. In Swedish it's not. And not in Spanish either.
Darnassian/My direct translation/English translation
Ana'duna/I-others/sister falore/agree/Yes.
So night elves don't have a separate word for "sister", but have to use "I-others" to say it? And how does that work in "Ana'duna thera"? I can't see it as consequent. Anyway, I made a compromise for us... --Oponyxal (talk) 10:40, March 5, 2010 (UTC)
Well, the person that made up Darnassian maybe have a seperate word for sister in mind. But I'm not sure it has been revealed yet. "Ana'duna thera" I think mean word by word simply "Our revenge". Ana'duna as I-others/us/sister/ours. I think there is a pattern there. Thanks for the compromise :P
I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Anyway, I think Darnassian has been made up by several more or less cooperating individuals, which makes the controversies harder to work out. We'll have to wait for more words and phrases in order to get closer to a better revelation, and meanwhile let others decide for them self.--Oponyxal (talk) 10:40, March 5, 2010 (UTC)
True. Maybe we are both right actually, who knows. And in fact all languages are made up by many people, not one single person who suddenly started to teach people=) Words can be used and interpreted in many many ways, depending on how you say them, when you say them, where you say them... But my philosophy is that you can always make something realistic. Did you know how you say something in past tense in Japanese? To say "I walked" they say something like "I go before". Makes sense but still weird to others. / Merala

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