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  • I live in The Throat of the World
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Leader of the Greybeards, current leader of the dragons
  • I am a dragon.

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Ragepaw Edit

I have to ask if you killed him on a human character or with any other rep buffs. Humans get their +10% [Diplomacy] racial, which would explain the 10 point difference. Raylan13@fandom (talk) 16:35, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Strange they'd bump it by only 10 rep Tongueout. Thanks for updating it! Raylan13@fandom (talk) 18:21, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Completed Edit

'No one, not the naga, nor the Scourge, nor the fiery lords of the Burning Legion will keep me from my people!' Correct

'All I ever wanted was to study.' Correct

'Arthas? Is vengeance all that is important to you?' Wrong

'Death... is..... close.....' Wrong

'My heart sleeps in the Emerald Dream.' Wrong

'Whatever happens, my love, know this: our bond is eternal.' Wrong (I entered it right, but didn't take it)

'Tyrande has no idea how to lead our people.' Wrong

'Necessity is the first cousin of invention.' Wrong

'Not all who wander are lost.' Wrong

'No, old friend. You've freed us all.' Correct

'The Horde will destroy the undead without your aid, human, or that of the pompous king.' Correct

'Ya've not earned my respect and I'll not be seein' tha Horde destroyed by ya foolish thirst for war.' Correct

'Ha! There's no need to coddle me, boy. I may be old, but I'm not helpless.' Wrong

'By killing your own father and delivering this land to the Scourge, you have passed your first test. The Lich King is pleased with your... enthusiasm.' Wrong

'This is the last time I'll ever talk to you, Terenas, so I hope you were listening.' Wrong

'I've got a plan that's going to get me off this island and make me the king of Azshara!' Correct

'We may never know, Uther. I intend to live forever.' Correct

'I will freeze the blood in your veins!' Wrong

'You are not prepared!' Correct

'Don't look so smug! I know what you're thinking, but Tempest Keep was merely a setback.' Correct

'Now I shall succeed where Sargeras could not! I will bleed this wretched world and secure my place as the true master of the Burning Legion!' Wrong

'Tremble, mortals, and despair! Doom has come to this world!' Wrong

'So predictable! I knew you would come! And I see you brought the mighty Hellscream!' Wrong

'We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.' Correct

'I dearly hope there's a special place in Hell waiting for you, Arthas.' Correct

'Thrall... the blood haze has lifted... the demon's fire has burnt out in my veins....I...have...freed...myself...' Correct

'What is Elune to the great Sargeras?' Wrong

'In life I was a king. Today I'm a crypt lord.' Correct

'If the world is to live free from the tyranny of fear, they must never know what was done here today!' Correct

'An orc - a true orc warrior - wishes for one thing: To die in the glory of battle against a hated enemy.' Wrong

'You speak of justice? Of cowardice? I will show you the justice of the grave... and the true meaning of fear.' Wrong (Arthas entry should have been right)

'Too soon, Executus... what is the meaning of this intrusion?!' Correct

'*hyena-like cackling and growling*' Wrong (really?)

'We will succeed where so many before us have failed! We will take the fight to Arthas, and we will tear down the walls of Icecrown! The Argent Crusade comes for YOU, Arthas!' Correct

16 out of 34 right --RaceLord (talk)

Fake patch page deleted Edit

Thanks for the notice. --Gengar orange 22x22Beware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 12 Jul 2013 9:12 AM Pacific

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