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Personal Age ReferenceEdit

Personal reference for species ages, dealing with conflicting lore, provides ages for characters as worked out via mathamatical deduction;

High ElfEdit

Pre Sunwell Destruction: 110 (adulthood), up to 2000 (or perhaps immortal).

-Post Sunwell Destruction: 60 (adulthood), 175 (middle age), 263 (old), 350 (venerable), 354-390 (average lifespan).

Reason: Sunwell robs elves of magic, reduces life expectancy. Post Sunwell becomes current system in high elf culture, their new life expectancies taken into account.

Blood elves likely have the same system. This may be longer or shorter due to demonic magic (likely longer, as per effect on orcs).

Night ElfEdit

-Pre WCIII: Immortal.

Current aging system has irreconciable contradictions. In fanon, best to keep the notion that the nature of night elf aging is not fully known or something to that effect. See here for reference.


Pre corruption: Reach adulthood at 20 (Draenor is peaceful and idealic; orcs have time to grow up).

-Horde: Adulthood lowered to 18; orcs need more warriors and a lower adulthood tie-off can give more. Also allows less extreme accelerate aging per warlock magics.

It is likely that Thrall has kept the altered system, despite it being a legacy of Old Horde. Firstly, re-catagorisation would be difficult and piss off some orcs in the border zone (eg. 19 year old orcs no longer adults). Secondly, he'd need warriors for defence.

-Lifespan: 82-100. The "rarely over 75" comes from the fact that an orc may be killed in battle (dying with honor rather than wasting away, etc.) sooner than dying of natural causes. Demonic magic augments lifespan, though withdrawal may shorten it (hence the rarely aspect).


Old stats: Pre contact with orcs. Due to the centaurs, tauren lifespans are often cut short and as such, their aging system reflects this.

New stats: Post contact with orcs. Safe in Thunder Bluff, tauren will tend to live longer.

Half ElvesEdit

Written lore should take precedence, though is not compatible with aging system. As such, it works as per 'aging genome'; in short, the lifespan depends on the nature of the genetic material passed on from each parent, determining the offspring's age. "Gene" is a taboo word in fantasy and this has little basis in science, but as such;


High elf and human have two genes each corresponding to lifespan (HE and HU). A balenced offspring would have;

  • HE HE
  • HU HU

This gives them 128-185 lifespan. However, should the high elf's genes be more prevelant, eg.

  • HE HE
  • HE HU

This increases lifespan to 200-300. As this is rare however, the age system does not reflect this. A half elf is venerable at 125 and remains that way until death.

  • HE HU
  • HU HU

In this kind of pairing, it can be assumed that the half elf has the minimum lifespan (around 128 years).

Half OrcEdit

Full lifespan is 77-110. The pairing system is similar to half elves, but as there's no great discrepency, there's no need for distinction. Humans live longer, so an abundance of human 'aging genes' will grant a longer lifespan.


What is BCE in this case? What point marks the beginning of year 0? In the other timelines, the opening of the Dark Portal/the beginning of the First War starts the "positive" time. Xavius, the Satyr Lord 10:00, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

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