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Again, welcome!   --Kirkburn (talk)

Links Edit

It appears some people are having trouble with your links, and think they're broken. I'm not seeing the trouble, but unfortunately it had resulted in you being labelled a vandal more than once. Do you have any idea what may be occuring?  Kirkburn talk contr 13:22, 11 February 2007 (EST)

- I have made a talk in your page, but i'll reply here as well. At the moment i'm using a template which is meant for registered guilds on gsDKP.Com (kinda tweaked it). It should work 100%. maybe some are having a problem with cookies. I will make a new section for the items which will not be dependant on cookies at all to display all items. Sorry for the problems.

Stop Bumping Edit

Stop bumping your elinks to the top of the list. If you have a modification to an existing link, keep it in it's position. Do not use petty edits to get your links to the top of the list. GRYPHONtc 00:04, 5 April 2007 (EDT)

Link location Edit

I've been getting complaints about the location of your loot links; in future, please post all links, regardless of what information they contain, to the "External Links" section of the page (you can create this section yourself if none is present. This is in accordance with WoWWiki's policy on External Links.--Ragestorm (talk · contr) 17:19, 8 May 2007 (EDT)

Reply to all Edit

Hi all... i've been tracking some talks about my promition techniques which may seem pushy and I wanna apologize if I offended anyone or mislead anyone. I have corrected the links and put them all under External Links (I think). I wanna stress that gsDKP.Com is supposed to be a reliable, free and comprehensive DKP solution for guilds and I really want people to get to know it. Fortunately, the system has become quite famous and its community is growing rapidly. Again, I wanna apologize if I linked things badly. When I started I wasnt too familiar with the whole wiki concept and made some mistakes. I hope that everything's resolved now and If you have anything further you wish to discuss, let me know.

- Giantskull

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