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Level 1 twinkEdit

Is it true that you can put [Exeptional Mana](requires lvl 60 item / WotLK enchat) on the Formal Dangui? I thought the new enchants require a true lvl 60 item. Does it mean we could also put [Powerful Stats] or [Super Health] on it? And sorry for messing around with your user page I just overlooked the edit button on the top of each page and thought there were only those edit buttons on the right of each article. >.<


An imp? Thats pretty cool.I guess you're then near lvl 2 like I am. I'm from German Teldrassil-EU and was cooking a lot of Black jelly and need just the last point for maximum lvl 1 cooking. >.> I will check if Super Health works once I'm able get get an Dangui. I have no own twink guild but I'm planning to set up one soon(tm) something like fourhundred or so. :D The best moment was when someone asked me pre 3.1 what my real level was. xD

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