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November 22, 2006

Lol. Priority, who remakes his account as Priiority cuz he was banned posts my name on here. That is sweet.

Renascor was a crap guild who moved off server to frostmane as army of exiled. They left cuz their leadership got fed up with people on ED being whiny or whatnot. At least that's priority's excuse on the renascor forums. He's from frostmane and moved to ED for his ex, illya. Originally he moved his character mirabilis from frostmane to ED. After a complete loss of confidence of the guild leader, most of the officership and a few other members left renascor back in jan of 2007 to create MI. Priority, who was mirabilis's alt, was promoted to officer, along with ulfor, glumdar and another warlock which escapes me. They piddled around with the guild clearing kara and wiping on gruul. Arguably, shortly after promoting alind to raid leader the guild broke apart, some of their members transfering on a whim because of an argument.

My original edit which included people transfering to frostmane under army of exile (go check and look at the banner, this is a valid and undenyable fact), members found in MI and Courage (a lot of old renascorian members are in MI and courage(if courage still exists)), because of a lack of leadership (guild leader was gone and missing for months) are all valid and factual. In fact the description was up there for longer than a month before it was edited to a fluffy rainbow picture that priority would of liked to have painted. Something about how the breakup was undramatic (lol) and was a testament to the spirit of renascor was all a bunch of BS.

I deleted the discussion on ED server because it pertained to the editing of MI's description and had nothing to do with editing renascor's description as it had stayed the same description for about 3 months. Case closed, the people who were involved with the edit have long since gone(Horks).

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