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Schmidt's experiment Edit

Wow! WoW!

Archeus Edit

Inv sword 08

Verigan's Fist Edit

Inv hammer 05

Conclusion Edit

BaldMonkey, you've done no less than brighten up my day. The conclusion is, friend, that you can link articles as templates, which I had no idea you could do before I saw your coding. Then I experimented with no-namespace articles. And this is the result! Hope this helps you in what' you're wanting to do.

This makes is to we can do just what you were planning, but without any namespace. Schmidt talk 23:58, 2 Oct 2005 (EDT)

I know we can do it with out the name space The problem is I was hopeing to avoid having the "Item:" pages clogging up the list of pages. In the end it doesn't really mater all that much so long as people don't go trying to write an article on the "Item:"page.
--BaldMonkey 10:36, 5 Oct 2005 (EDT)

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