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Modera and Drenden Edit

Modera and Drenden are archmages of the kirin tor. they are involved in the novel: "day of the dragon" as one of the council members and in the tale of Kel'Thuzad: "Road to Damnation" (the woman and man in this picture ,probably) . in the novel "day of the dragon",Modera and Drenden and the other members of the kirin tor, tried to get information about lord prestor (deathwings). Drenden wounded when he tried to enter into prestor castle and Modera sensed prestor when he quoted to them in the gardens of lordaeron capital city. Krasus/korialstasz giving them respect so they should be powerfull wizards. they probably slaughtered by arthas with the other mages of dalaran.... in the site i didn't find any information about them.... so please add this information...

quotes: -Drenden: "That's the first time I've heard your sort of magic called 'delicate" -Kel'Thuzad: "An ignorant opinion from an ignorant man"

-Drenden:"No amount of discretion could possibly hide a secret of this magnitude," -Modera:"You know that we have always walked a fine line in order to protect our people without becoming a danger ourselves. We dare not sacrifice our humanity--not in appearance, and certainly not in truth. At best, your methods would see us condemned as heretics." -Kel'thuzad:"We've been called heretics for centuries. The church has never been fond of our methods. Such sentiments notwithstanding, we are still here." -Modera: "Because we avoid dark magic, which leads to corruption and catastrophe." -Kel'thuzad:"Because we are necessary!"

sources: "day of the dragon" novel and "Road to Damnation"

Again, welcome!   --Fandyllic (talk) 4 PM PST 16 Nov 2006

Removal of infoEdit

This is explanaiton for your ban. You have previously removed information related to the rpg and stated your opinion as fact on the issue. As for the "adventures" actually Brann states they are "rumors, claims and stories" he has heard (see introduction pages, and intros to many of the adventures themselves, for both Lands of Mystery, and Lands of Conflict). If they happened or not is unknown, but an in-universe character has at least heard of them. Removing the information or stating that it didn't happen is fan opinion and not allowed. This is warning.

After research it doesn't look like you have been warned before. So I will unblock you. But do not do this again, otherwise you will get a one month ban.Baggins 22:15, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

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