• Yuvalal

    an expansion idea glaxy

    April 16, 2012 by Yuvalal

    i wrote many ideas to expansion in thw wow forums and i pass them to here (im yuvalal from eu froms qualthalas) and here the idea:

    World of warcraft

    • new lvl cap : 90
    • New 2 planet
    • New quest
    • New race (titan) but build frome stons and rocks
    • New Hero class !
    • New mining stones from space
    • New plants to heirblisem.
    • New skining

    < Hero class > i thnik about Magician is have only Affliction and buffs but have some Accelerating attacks ( affiction and buffs ) and pet awlays (health) are help him.

    new skill to prist pet are healing for 3 min (himself) or him group to the new class max of one person effiaction in pvp.

    < Titan Race >

    • mount:Turtle stone.
    • capital city: felwood
    • start point: ashwnvale

    alliance^ horde\/

    • capital city:deadmine pass
    • start point: swamp of soroo…

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