Have you ever heard people talking about this game called "World of Warcraft"? Well, if you are wondering what "World of Warcraft" is and why you should play it, you have come to the right place!!

"World of Warcraft" was introduced in 1994. It is a role-playing game. It has tons of action in the game. In World of Warcraft, you create your own player and name them and click create! It is as simple as that! When you enter the game, there is a short introduction which you can skip by pressing "escape" on your keyboard. After that, the game may look hard and confusing, but you'll get the hang of it! You start off at level 1 and to level up, you kill monsters with spells and attacks, and do quests.

To accept a quest, you go up to a person with a yellow "!" abover his/her head. Right click on the person and a scroll will pop up with 1 or more quests on it. Click on any of them (or all of them, because you can do multiple quests at once) then click accept. There will be a reward of money, experience points, or armor (sometimes even all of them)!!! Experience points will always be rewarded and so will money. But armor is very common at the same time.

You will travel a lot as you start to level where monsters get higher level, quests give you more money, and higher value armor. You can fly to different places with the money you have as you discover flight paths. You can get flying mounts and riding mounts later in the game. You also get the choice of 2 proffesions (but don't worry about that unil you are about level 50+) You can raid, team up with people, talk to people, and do dungeons with people as well!

I hope this was helpful and will get you into playing "World of Warcraft" and taught you partially on how to play!!

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