85lvl Ideal

So, if you're 85lvl (feral druid, retri/prot paladin (or any other class that u think u can solo some tbc raid bosses)

In order to get raid group up(for Magtheridon's lair), you need a friend. You can take some ppl with you if you think they can handle the dmg, (preferably 80+lvl people and if they can heal, it's always good.) or if some of your friends are kind and have spare some time for grouping up for.. let's say 15-30mins.

Follow this route:


Go to Hellfire Peninsula(You can easily get there from any major city by taking a portal), Throne of Kil'jaeden.(63.2, 16.6)

Go check first, if Doom Lord Kazzak hasn't been killed yet, kill him(It has 2-3 day re-spawn time).

He drops 500+gold and some purple BoE(BwE (Binds when Equiped) items worth ??-500g at least (and I think the Hope Ender goes with even higher price since it's seathed in back like two-handed sword or other weapon and also the Exodar Life-Staff (for priest, with nice 3 free socket slots +pretty neat look.)

- Check out the tacts from and and sum up the best tact.

It should be 5-20min fight solo.

Then head to Magtheridon's Lair. In middle of Hellfire Peninsula, Hellfire Citadel. (enter from down )

-Check out the tacts from and additional information from's_Lair

Once in, clear the trash mobs from both sides and prepare to go in. Kill the channelers and after 2 minutes Magtheridon frees from the banish. If you don't manage to kill the channelers I think you can just ignore them and go straight for Maggy. After 20minutes (22min from the beginning of the fight) Magtheridon enrages but I don't think it'll be a problem at 85.

Then prepare to loot lots of stuff. Around 500gold epic loot, including 20Slot bag, Magtheridon's Head (for quest which rewards Epic finger worth 6gold + 13gold ).

Now head to Shadowmoon valley. To near Black Temple and try to find Doomwalker.

Its re-spawn time is around 2-5days

-Check out the tacts and additional information from

This world boss drops Binds when Equiped items as well as Doom Lord Kazzak does, including around 500gold

Soloing World bosses will give you lots of gold and BoE EPIC items (including the trash items that can be disenchanted if you're an enchanter (Don't disenchant the blue items since usually the mats you get from them will not sell better than the actual items)).

There you go. 1500+ gold and BoE epic items which sell good on ah etc. that'd be about 2000gold, if you manage to kill all of these in day if someone else hasn't already killed them.

But if you see that Doom Lord Kazzak & Doomwalker aren't respawned. Go kill Magtheridon, 500+gold is more than nothing FOR FREE! Note that the gold the bosses drop will or may vary.

If there's something wrong with this guide, feel free to comment and correct me.

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