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  • Timbazi

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    March 5, 2011 by Timbazi

    So I heard that they're going to lower the gold drop from world bosses (TBC) and Magtheridon's lair. How ever, I do not know how MUCH they're going to lower the g drop *shrug*

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  • Timbazi

    WoW- Gold 'farming'

    March 3, 2011 by Timbazi

    So, if you're 85lvl (feral druid, retri/prot paladin (or any other class that u think u can solo some tbc raid bosses)

    In order to get raid group up(for Magtheridon's lair), you need a friend. You can take some ppl with you if you think they can handle the dmg, (preferably 80+lvl people and if they can heal, it's always good.) or if some of your friends are kind and have spare some time for grouping up for.. let's say 15-30mins.

    Go to Hellfire Peninsula(You can easily get there from any major city by taking a portal), Throne of Kil'jaeden.(63.2, 16.6)

    Go check first, if Doom Lord Kazzak hasn't been killed yet, kill him(It has 2-3 day re-spawn time).

    He drops 500+gold and some purple BoE(BwE (Binds when Equiped) items worth ??-500g at least (a…

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