• Tat2dawn tw server-Quel'dorei, the picture is Shestakui_Extra enabled, with a few additions addons for battleground: 1.healers have to die (one BIG RED cross on top of enemy healers, green on yours[turn on ur nameplates 1st]) 2.pesky rogue (notifys u enemy's rogues actions,plays a emo when rogues' around u) 3.killshot (plays a sound notifying low health on target) 4.icicle (shows enemycd on top on nameplates)

    魔獸世界臺服視頻: wowmovie from TW-Quel'dore MSN Group: flick groups: 插件介面討論QQ群: 94863347 Shestak UI讨论群: 81336047 積分戰場YY=81143148 ShestakUI DOWNLOAD:

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