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Horde classes

Okay time to tell you the best classes for each race starting with the Hordes. The best classes for the Blood elves are Hunter, Mage, Rouge, and Priest. These four classes are the best for Blood elf race. Blood elves make great Hunters, Rouges, Mages, and Priest cause the personality of each class fits the Blood elf race. Although you may choose another class besides the four above, but if you want a strong blood elf race, choose the Rouge class. If you want a good DPS choose the Hunter class for long range and great pets that can be maxed fast. for magic using Mage and Priest are good Magic DPS classes. If you want to have some healing some magic DPS choose Priest for the best Magic and Healing DPS.

The Troll race are best in Hunter, Priest, and Shaman classes. These classes best fits this race cause of the history of the Trolls. The History the way I see it since the Trolls live outside of Orgrimmer a little ways more towards the ocean of the Orgrimmer, The Trolls of WoW have been known best for their healing skills as Shaman and their hunting/ gathering abilities. If you want a great DPS for Horde choose the hunter class for Troll, if you want a great Magic/Healing class choose the Priest class for the Troll, and the Shaman class for the Troll is just straight healing, so if you want to do healing and helping most of the time then the Shaman class is the class for you for Trolls.

The Tauren Race is best known for their Druid, DK (DeathKnight), Shaman, and Warrior classes. The Druid and Shaman class are DPS healers for the horde. They can attack if they are doing quest cause he Druids can shape-shift into different animals to swim, run, and fly. But anyways more of that later. The DK (DeathKnight) class for the Tauren are the main tanks for this race. The Warrior class is the secondary tank class for this race. So the best tanks for the Tauren race are Warriors and DK (DeathKnight). The best healing/ magic damage (dealers) are the Shaman and Druid.

The Goblin race has been known for the way that they trick passing travelers of the Alliance races. The one and only best class for the Goblin Race is Rouge. They have a strong habit of tricking and stealing from other people and other Alliances. The Goblins are so far the tricky one of the Horde Alliance. So next time you see a Goblin make sure they aren't a Rouge.

The best classes for the Undead Race are Priest, Warlock, and Mage. Beyond all the classes these three are the best for the Undead Race. The reason being for that is since the race is dead but not dead they understand that fact of healing and magic a lot better then the Taurens or Blood elves. The Undead have known about magic using and healing for a long time. So for the best of Shaman, Made, or Priest class you should choose the Undead Race. They will make a strong Magic/ Healing user, they will be maxed out before you know it.

Alliance Classes

The best classes for the Night elf race are Hunters, Warrior, and Druid. The Hunter class for the Night elves is a simple and easy class to start with for this race. The Warrior class is the second best class to start with once you have mastered the Hunter class for the Night elf. But once you have mastered these two classes for the Night elf race you are ready to move on to the Healing class for the elves the Druid. These classes are strongest for the Night elf race.

The two classes that are the best for the Human Race are Paladin and Warrior. The best class to start out with for a Human is Warrior cause like the Night elf if you have mastered the Warrior race on there the best one to start out with on the Human Race is Warrior before you start with the Paladin class. The Paladin class is Tank, Damage Dealer, and Healer.

The best class for the Gnome Race is Mage. The Gnomes are best with being Mages for the Female Characters. But the male Gnome Characters are best at being a DK (DeathKnight). The two classes mostly depend one the one controlling the character not the character itself. The mage class is more suited for the Gnome race in the Ally Alliance. Then for the Taurens in the Horde Alliance.

The Dwarf Race is best known for the Paladin class and the Hunter class. The two classes for the Dwarfs are pretty important. The Dwarfs make better Hunters and Paladins then most of the Alliance races. But its a tie for Dwarfs and Humans for the Paladin class.

The Draenei race are good for the Paladin, Shaman, Druid, and Warrior class. My friend DeathStorm has the best Warrior class Draenei I've seen for the Draenei is best for that class. If you gear the classes right that is. The Shaman, Druid and Paladin classes for the Draenei are good as well. They make the best healers possible and Tank and DD (damage dealers).

Class details


Roles: Tank, Melee Physical/Magic Damage Dealer
The Death Knight combines martial prowess with dark, necromantic energies. Blood DKs are able tanks using disease DoTs, Death and Decay, and [Blood Boil]. Frost and Unholy Death Knights are melee dps classes. They can raise undead minions. Although they will have minions, only those who focus on the Unholy tree are a true pet class, where as Frost and Blood Death Knights merely use some of their mechanics. They are the only class to use the rune resource system.
Death Knights are the first and currently only hero class, and consequently start at level 55 in Ebon Hold in the Eastern Plaguelands. Having a non-hero-class character at level 55 or above is the only prerequisite to create a Death Knight.


Roles: Ranged Spell-Casting Damage Dealer, Melee Physical Damage Dealer, Tank, Healer
Druids are versatile hybrids shape-shifting into different forms to fulfill their roll. In [Bear Form], druids are good tanks with high armor and use rage like a warrior; in [Cat Form], stealth, fight in melee, and use energy like a rogue; in [Moonkin Form] they give ranged magic damage; or heal in humanoid form with Tree Form as a temporary buff. Talent trees include Balance for caster damage, Feral for melee damage and tanking, and Restoration for healing. They also bring certain additional utility, such as battle resurrection with [Rebirth], [Replenishment], and [Mark of the Wild]. With roughly equivalent gear, proper talents, and utilized by a skilled player, druids can are as effective as any class in a specific role.


Roles: Ranged Physical Damage Dealer
Hunters use focus to deliver ranged weapon damage (bows, guns, and crossbows) as the primary source of damage. Hunters tame many varieties of beasts to serve as combat pets causing damage and giving raid buffs. Very adept at kiting, they have plenty of tools to allow them to avoid melee combat, which is a weakness. The Hunter's array of scouting, tracking, and survival abilities along with mail armor make them excellent solo characters. Hunter talent specializations are Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, and Survival.


Roles: Ranged Spell-Casting Damage Dealer
Mages are ranged magic damage dealers with very powerful direct and area effect damage spells. Mages feature a variety of utility spells, including crowd control ( [Polymorph]), raid buff of mana and spell power, teleportation and group portals to capital cities, and ability to conjure food and water. Because of spells with good burst damage and snare abilities, they are often effective at PvP even with their relatively low armor and health. Mage talent trees are Fire, Frost, and Arcane, each specializing in different spells and abilities.


Roles: Ranged Spell-Casting Damage Dealer, Healer
Priests, masters of healing and preservation, are a versatile healing class while having the ability to specialize in damage. Priests can be powerful in healing a single character or many allies at once. Priests have a variety of utility spells such as [Power Word: Fortitude], [Dispel Magic], and [Mass Dispel], Mind Control, and [Mana Burn]. Discipline priests gain [Penance] and receive buffs to shields, single target and raid damage reduction, and increased healing to the most recent target; making great tank healers and are effective in PvP. Holy priests get improvements to AoE heals, Chakra states, reduced cast times, and mana savings; making effective raid healers. Shadow priests specialize in offensive shadow magic, do much damage through DoTs, gain [Shadowform] and some more shadow spells as well as [Replenishment].


Roles: Melee Physical Damage Dealer
Rogues deal massive melee damage using a flurry of dual wield poisoned weapons. Rogues utilize energy to power special attacks that build combo points used to execute finishing moves. Masters of [Stealth] and assassination rogues excel in PvP situations also. With the ability to incapacitate foes, high burst damage, many spell interrupt/lockout abilities, plus spell/physical reduction abilities rogues are formidable and even feared. Other notable abilities include [Sap], [Vanish], and lockpicking. Rogue talent trees consist of Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety.


Roles: Ranged Spell-Casting Damage Dealer, Melee Physical/Magic Damage Dealer, Healer
Shamans are spiritual leaders, masters of the elements, using spells and totems to heal and enhance raid members. This versatile mail wearing class can fill the roles of caster, healer, and melee damage. Shamans provide excellent raid buffs such as [Bloodlust], stationary totems giving Windfury and Wrath of Air. High burst damage make them effective in PvP. Restoration shamans use direct heals, splash healing, and HoTs as effective raid healers. Elemental shamans use lightning and fire to melt foes. Enhancement shaman are melee dps and unleash [Shamanistic Rage], [Stormstrike] and [Feral Spirit]. All shaman can provide wipe recovery by [Reincarnation] and have [Astral Recall].


Roles: Ranged Spell-Casting Damage Dealer
Warlocks enslave demons and call upon dark magic and curses to dominate and destroy their foes. Locks are primarily ranged magic damage dealers and employ summoned demons as combat pets. Affliction warlocks focus on damage over time spells, Destruction locks buff nukes, and Demonology talents improve survivability. In PvP the use of [Fear] spells give them a variety of tactical options. Raid utility spells and abilities, including summoning party members and creating healthstones and soulstones, make the Warlock a valuable addition to any raid.


Roles: Melee Physical Damage Dealer, Tank
Warriors are plate-clad close-combat fighters able to fill the role of tank or melee dps. Warrior abilities use rage which is generated by dealing and taking damage, but decays over time while not in combat. Protection warriors use [Shield Slam] and [Revenge] and have the unique ability to [Spell Reflection] and [Shield Bash]. They also are great as the main tank or keeping threat on a group of mobs. Fury warriors have [Titan's Grip], [Bloodthirst], [Whirlwind] and [Slam]. Arms warriors are excellent in PvP and are decent as PvE dps.


Roles: Melee Physical/Magic Damage Dealer, Tank, Healer
Paladins, guardians of the Holy Light, wear heavy plate armor, use mana, have strong group buffs (blessings and auras), and can heal, tank or melee damage. Holy paladins have carved a niche as tank healers due to efficient single target heals coupled with [Beacon of Light], but also have effective AoE heals. Protection paladins excel at area effect, multiple target, tanking with [Consecration] and [Hammer of the Righteous]. Retribution pallies deal both holy and white damage, splash damage, and procs like [The Art of War] to mix up the rotation. Paladins provide great utility with abilities like [Hand of Protection] and [Divine Guardian].


Roles: Melee Physical Damage Dealer, Tank, Healer
Monks utilize ancient martial arts taught by Pandaren masters. Brewmaster monks are tanks, employing drunken brawling tactics inspired by their Warcraft III counterpart. Mistweaver monks are able healers, often working within melee range and dealing small amounts of melee damage. Windwalker monks are melee damage dealers.

Two more Races?

The other two races of WoW are rarely known by some people. The Worgen on of them are best as the Hunter class because of the fact that the Worgen race are humans that can shape-shift into Were-Wolfs. They are found in the Gilneas City. The other class that you can only find in the WoW: Mists is the Pandaren Race that is best as the Monk class considering the fact that this race is actually Panda Bears.They can be either Ally or Horde.

Okay Guys my next blog will be on the cities in the World of Warcraft world and the Horde and the Allies. Look forward to my next blog. It will be the best blog yet!!! ILY~ <3

~DeathFeather / Soph <3~

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