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Alliance Races

The night elves, or kaldorei ("Children of the Stars" in their native tongue of Darnassian), are a powerful and mystical race whose origin extends back to Azeroth's earliest known history. The founders of a magical and advanced civilization which at its peak spanned the breadth of Ancient Kalimdor, the night elves came into a horrific conflict with the Burning Legion and achieved a pyrrhic victory that sundered Kalimdor's landmass into the continents of the present age. The devastation wrought by their conceit caused the kaldorei to abandon their magical ways entirely, and craft a radically different society centered on a deep symbiosis with the natural world. The actions, trials, and triumphs of the night elves have in many ways sculpted the very history of Azeroth, and indirectly of all those who dwell on it. Their far-reaching and ancient legacy likewise shaped the kaldorei themselves into a race of very self-sufficient and self-conscious individuals, who often display strong streaks of isolationism. The night elves ended a long period of seclusion in the aftermath of the Third War, and began to associate themselves with the Alliance from the Eastern Kingdoms in response to the Horde's presence on Kalimdor.

The draenei [ˈdɹænaɪ] of the Exodar start in Ammen Vale, situated on Azuremyst Isle, a landmass belonging to a cluster of islands called the Azuremyst Isles located off the northwestern coast of Kalimdor. The main base with civilization in Ammen Vale is called Azure Watch. Bloodmyst Isle can be found as the adjacent zone, a level 10-20 area. Velen and the remaining draenei survivors gained control of one of Tempest Keep's satellite structures and used it to escape to Azeroth.They searched for allies in their never-ending battle against the Burning Crusade, and finding such allies within the Alliance.[1] They have no capital city, instead they make their main dwelling on a crashed dimensional ship, the Exodar, which is overseen by their leader, Velen. The draenei's choice of mount is the elekk, a creature similar in appearance to a war elephant. Their chosen language is Draenei, while they are also able to speak Common.

The dwarves of Ironforge are an ancient race of robust humanoids who live beneath the snow-capped mountains of Khaz Modan. The dwarves have always been fast allies to the humans and they revel in the prospects of battle and storytelling alike. They are currently the least played Alliance race according to the WoW Census of June 2010. As of the latest expansion, dwarf characters can select from every class except druid, a versatility matched only by trolls.

The gnomes of Gnomeregan are the faction of playable gnomes. Prior to the Cataclysm, the gnomes started their lives in Chill Breeze Valley, an area of Dun Morogh closed off by mountains. Currently, the gnomes instead start their adventures inside of their destroyed city, struggling to survive in a remade world.Given the recent political upheaval in Ironforge, the gnomes have suddenly found themselves unwelcomed guests within the city. Leveraging their ingenious technologies and unquenchable spirit for adventure, the gnomes have begun to reevaluate their role within Khaz Modan. Under the inventive leadership of High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, the gnomes now plan a daring campaign against the barbarous troggs to retake their former capital of Gnomeregan. With the odds stacked against them, the gnomes are counting on brave heroes such as you to stand and be counted. Your people's greatest hour draws near. The eccentric, often brilliant gnomes are held as one of the most peculiar races of the world. With their obsession for developing radical new technologies and constructing marvels of mind-bending engineering, it’s a wonder that any gnomes have survived to proliferate. Over the years, the gnomes have contributed ingenious weapons to aid the Grand Alliance in its fierce battles against the Horde. Thriving in the wondrous techno-city of Gnomeregan, the gnomes shared the resources of the forested peaks of Dun Morogh with their dwarven cousins for generations. Yet recently, a barbaric menace rose up from the bowels of the earth and invaded Gnomeregan. The troggs — believed to have been unearthed from the Uldaman excavation – erupted beneath Gnomeregan and began to slaughter every gnome within the city. Though the gnomish defense forces staged a valiant defense, they could not save their wondrous city. At the command of the High Tinker Mekkatorque, the gnomes opened the pressure valves of their giant, grinding machines and released toxic radiation throughout the city. Though the radiation killed the troggs, the gnomes soon discovered that it killed their own people just as quickly. Nearly eighty percent of the gnomish race died within days. Those that survived evacuated the great city and fled to the protection of their dwarven cousins in Ironforge. There they remain, devising radical strategies to retake their beloved city at any cost. As a gnome of proud standing, it falls to you to answer the challenge and lead your curious people to a brighter future

The humans are one of the playable Alliance races in World of Warcraft. They are a resilient breed, having survived an invasion by the savage orcs during the First War. During the Second War, the armies of Stormwind rallied with the rest of the human kingdoms in the Alliance of Lordaeron to reclaim their homeland of Azeroth. After the success of the Second War, the Kingdom of Lordaeron was decimated by the Burning Legion and its population forced to flee to Stormwind, which would consequently become the centre of human power on Azeroth.According to WoW Census, humans are currently the most-played race in World of Warcraft.

Horde Races

During the Third War, the glorious high elves of Quel'Thalas were nearly scoured from Azeroth. Now, they struggle to rebuild their once-great society and overcome their dependence on arcane magic.[1] The blood elves, sin'dorei [ˈsiːndɔraɪ], [siːnˈdɔraɪ] or [siːndɔreɪ] in Thalassian ("children of the blood"), are an elven race native to Azeroth, hailing from the ancient elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas.[2] Their moniker is the cultural identity that the vast majority (approximately 90%) of the surviving high elves took up following the Third War.[3]For nearly 7,000 years, high elven society centered on the sacred Sunwell, a magical fount that was created using a vial of pure arcane energy from the first Well of Eternity. Nourished and strengthened by the Sunwell’s potent energies, the high elves’ enchanted kingdom of Quel'Thalas prospered within the verdant forests north of Lordaeron. During the Third War, however, the high elves were nearly scoured from Azeroth. Led by the death knight Arthas, a Scourge army stormed into Quel’Thalas, slaughtering almost ninety percent of the kingdom’s population. Arthas then used the mystical Sunwell to resurrect the fallen necromancer Kel'Thuzad, irrevocably tainting the fount in the process. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider rushed to his homeland's aid, and the survivors of the onslaught were renamed the "blood elves" in honor of their fallen people, their slain monarch, their annihilated Sunwell, and their ravaged kingdom.[3] Soon thereafter, the elves came under the merciless sway of withdrawal, and desperately sought to relieve it. To this end, Kael'thas commanded the great ranger Lor'themar Theron (who had assumed temporary leadership of the high elves prior to Kael's return)[3] and the new Ranger-general of Silvermoon, Halduron Brightwing, to safeguard the elven homeland, while Kael'thas himself went to battle alongside the New Alliance—and later, Illidan Stormrage.The blood elves succeeded in retaking much of their homeland, coming under the regency of Lor'themar Theron in the prince's absence. Kael'thas had assured his people that one day he would return to Quel'Thalas and lead them to paradise, yet time revealed that his promises were nothing more than lies. On Outland, the prince became twisted due to his reliance on fel energy, the dark and corrupting essence wielded by the demonic Burning Legion itself. Unbeknownst to Illidan, Kael'thas also came under the sway of the Legion's commander, Kil'jaeden. The prince ultimately returned to Quel'Thalas, seeking to usher his new master into Azeroth, though was killed for his treachery before his cataclysmic ambitions could be fulfilled. The defiled Sunwell, however, would not remain so for much longer: the draenei prophet, Velen, used the essence of a darkened naaru to restore it, freeing the blood elves of their bane.

The goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel are the newest members of the Horde, led by the much-maligned Trade Prince Gallywix. Beginning on their home island of Kezan, they eventually become members of the Horde after fighting alongside them on the Lost Isles, before finally settling down in Azshara.The wise and cunning goblins of Kezan have lived in relative peace for generations. Though some of their race sided with the marauding orcs during the Second War, most goblins remained neutral throughout the various conflicts of the Alliance and Horde. Ruled over by corrupt yet highly affluent Trade Princes, the goblins created a virtual paradise for themselves throughout the islands of the South Seas. Their fantastic feats of engineering and vast trade fleets helped make their island capital of Kezan one of the great technological wonders of the world. And now, as the elements themselves rise up in anger across the world, the goblins' mechanical paradise will be put to the test. For, very soon, fate will force them to choose sides in a conflict that will shape the very history of the world.Originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, the goblin race was forced to mine kaja'mite ore out of the volcanic bowels of Mount Kajaro.The trolls used this potent mineral for their voodoo rituals, but it had an unexpected effect on the slaves who were in constant contact with it: kaja'mite generated a startling new cunning and intelligence in the goblins. Crafting their own powerful artifacts of engineering and alchemy in secret, the goblins soon overthrew their oppressors and claimed Kezan for their homeland. The mines that had been their prison, their slave camp, and the base of their rebellion now became the city of Undermine. Weaving through the heart of the island in a dizzying network of tunnels, vaults, and lava tubes, Undermine epitomizes the goblins' complex, unpredictable mindset.

The orcs of Orgrimmar are a faction of orcs within the Horde, the orc player race. They live in the land of Durotar in Kalimdor.The Great Cataclysm has shattered more than just the world. Warchief Thrall, arguably the most powerful living shaman has left his people behind so that he might stop the Cataclysm at its source. Yet, in his absence, the Horde champion Garrosh Hellscream has become the Horde's new Warchief. Though popular amongst the orcs for his victories against the Lich King, Garrosh's reckless leadership has begun to cause a rift between himself and the other leaders of the Horde. With Durotar's natural resources nearly depleted, Garrosh seeks to take whatever his people need to survive regardless of who stands in his way. A dangerous new era for the Horde has dawned and it falls to brave orcs like you to uphold the will of the new Warchief and assure the dominance of your people.Long ago, the noble orcish race was corrupted by the Burning Legion and transformed into the merciless, destructive Horde. Lured to the world of Azeroth, the orcs were forced to make war upon the human kingdoms of Stormwind and Lordaeron in what would become known as the First and Second Wars. Though the Horde nearly succeeded in annihilating humanity, it ultimately devoured itself from within and collapsed. The defeated orcs spent many years within guarded prisons, unable to function without the prospect of conquest and warfare. After many years, a visionary young warchief rose to lead his people in their darkest hour. Fittingly enough, the young orc’s name was Thrall. Under his rule, the orcs freed themselves from the chains of demonic corruption and embraced their shamanistic heritage.

The tauren [ˈtɔɹən] of Thunder Bluff is a faction of tauren that start in the Red Cloud Mesa, an area of rolling plains atop the high cliffs in southern Mulgore.Great tragedy has rocked the tauren tribes and shaken their once-stalwart devotion to the Horde. A disagreement between the new orc Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, and the beloved tauren chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof, led to a duel that ennded in Cairne's death. With his loss, the vile matriarch Magatha Grimtotem launched a murderous attack, attempting to sieze control of Thunder Bluff for herself. However, Cairne's brave son, Baine Bloodhoof, successfully repelled the attack and banished the surviving Grimtotem to the farthest reaches of the land. Under Baine's hopeful leadership, the tauren people seek to heal their wounds and restore the balance between the various factions of the Horde. To this end, a new generation of tauren "Sunwalkers" has arisen to lead their people into the Light of a new dawn and the promise of rebirth. As a proud tribesman of Mulgore, you must uphold the honor of your people and safeguard the lands of your ancestors.

The trolls of the Darkspear tribe is the faction of playable trolls (jungle trolls). They are members of the Horde.Exiled years ago from their land in Stranglethorn Vale, the Darkspear trolls attempted to make a new home for themselves among the disparate races of the Horde. Under the leadership of the noble Warchief Thrall, Vol'jin and his savage trolls had finally found the honor and purpose they had been searching for but now, under the rule of the headstrong Garrosh Hellscream, the trolls fear that the Horde could tear itself apart. Vol'jin knows that whatever threats loom ahead, whether they be from within the Horde or from without, it is cunning trolls like you that will fight to preserve the honor of the Horde.

As tribal rivalries erupted throughout the former Gurubashi Empire, the Darkspear tribe found themselves driven from their homeland in Stranglethorn Vale. Having settled on the Darkspear islands, which are believed today to have been a part of the Broken Isles, the tribe soon found themselves entangled in a conflict with a group of murlocs. Eventually they also found new enemies in humans when a Kul Tiras-fleet landed on the island in search for some orcs who had stolen some ships. The trolls' fate seemed sealed until the orcish Warchief Thrall and his band of newly freed orcs, which were the orcs the humans were looking for, took shelter on the island after a heavy storm. The orcs managed to defeat the humans, but their victory was short-lived. Controlled by a Sea Witch, the Underworld Minions captured the Darkspears' leader Sen'jin along with Thrall and several orcs, trolls and humans. They were all brought to a complex prison made by caves below the island. Thrall managed to free himself and his companions, but was ultimately unable to save the trolls' leader. Although Sen'jin was sacrificed to the Sea Witch, he was able to reveal a vision he had in which Thrall would lead the Darkspear trolls from the island.

The undead (Forsaken) start in Deathknell, a sub-zone located in western Tirisfal Glades.Though Lady Sylvanas and her Forsaken finally took vengeance upon their hated enemy, the Lich King, their dark crusade in Northrend proved costly. Betrayed by their Grand Apothecary, Putress, at the Battle of Wrathgate, the Forsaken's devious plague of death was unleashed on both the Alliance and the Horde to calamitous event. Unbeknownst to Sylvanas, Putress and his demonic ally, Varimathras, had taken control of the Undercity. As a result, the Forsaken were wrongly blamed for the traitor's atrocities.Though the Undercity was eventually retaken, Sylvanas and her followers still bear the weight of Putress's sins. Mistrusted by the other members of the Horde, the Forsaken must now prove their loyalty to the cause and redeem themselves from their supposed treachery. To this end, Sylvanas has bolstered her defenses within the Tirisfal Glades and readied her undead forces for any contingency. As one of the Forsaken, you must use your cunning and viciousness to slay any who would pose a threat to Sylvanas's rule be they human, undead, or otherwise.Bound to the iron will of the tyrant Lich King, the vast undead armies of the Scourge seek to eradicate all life on Azeroth. Led by the banshee Sylvanas Windrunner, one group of undead broke away from the Scourge in a small period of time when the Lich King lost some of his power, and freed themselves of the Lich King's domination. These renegades call themselves the Forsaken. They fight a constant battle not only to retain their freedom from the Scourge, but also to exterminate those who would hunt them as monsters.

Horde Classes

The Undead have the choice of being either a Mage, Priest, Rouge, Warlock, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Hunter on Cata. and a Monk on Mists.

The Troll have the choice of becoming either a Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rouge, Shaman, Warrior, or DK (DeathKnight) on lich king, a Druid or Warlock on Cata, and a Monk on Mists.

The Tauren can be a Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Paladin or Priest on Cata, and a Monk on Mists.

The Orc can be Hunter, Rouge, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Mage on Cata, and a Monk on Mists.

The Blood elf can on BE and lich king can be Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Warlock, or a DK (DeathKnight), on Cata they can be Warriors, and on Mists they can be Monks.

Alliance Classes

The Night elf can be Hunter, Druid, Priest, Rouge, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Mage on Cata and a Monk on Mists.

Human race can choose from being a Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Warlock, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Hunter on Cata and a monk on Mists.

The Gnomes can be a Mage, Priest, Rouge, Warlock, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on either lich king or Cata and a Monk on Mists.

The Dwarfs can be Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Warrior, or a DK (DeathKnight) on lich king a Mage, Shaman, or a Warlock on Cata and a Monk on Mists.

The Draenei on BE and lich king can be Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warrior, and a DK (DeathKnight) and Monk on Mists.


The worgen [ˈwɔɹgɛn] are a race of feral wolf-beasts whose very name inspires fear. Worgen are the new playable Alliance race introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and are able to choose a class from death knight, druid, warrior, hunter, mage, priest, rogue, or warlock. Outside of combat, worgen can appear in either their human form or their worgen form. However, they will immediately turn into their worgen form should they enter combat or activate their [Darkflight] or [Running Wild] racial abilities.Lead by their indomitable king, Genn Greymane, the proud citizens of Gilneas once stood with the Alliance against the vile orcish Horde that sought to conquer all of Lordaeron. Gilneas survived but, in the years following the Second War, the kingdom drew ever inward. Distrustful of their former allies, the Gilneans erected a mighty wall at the borders of their land, closing off their nation - and their hearts - from an ever-darkening world. Now, many years later, as the seemingly unstoppable undead Scourge marches across Lordaeron, human civilization once again teeters on the edge of destruction. As war and terror close in all around them, the citizens of Gilneas are faced with one, terrible truth: their mighty wall cannot hold back the dead for much longer and, worse, rumors of a new threat have risen within the kingdom's borders of feral, nightmare creatures that walk upright as men but hunt and howl as wolves.


The Worgen curse originated from a druidic sect who followed Goldrinn, known as Druids of the Scythe. They shapeshifted into the feral worgen and eventually lost their minds to its violent nature. The other druids agreed that they must be locked away, and thus put them into eternal slumber deep beneath a tree... until the day Arugal and Velinde Starsong tampered with the Scythe of Elune, releasing them.The curse could not be contained, persisting in the lands of Silverpine and extending into the walled nation of Gilneas, where the curse rapidly reached epidemic levels. The citizens of Gilneas found themselves trapped, with no hope of escape. They retreated deeper within the isolated domain, and there they survived, fearful of the savage presence that lurked just outside the barricades.

The Worgens are werewolfs pretty much. They are Humans with the abilty to change to wolfs under a full moon. The classes they can be are DK (DeathKnight), Druid, Hunter (would be more natural since they are wolfs), Mage, Priest, Rouge, Warlock, and Warriors on Cata.


In a few hours i will post again on the best classes for the different races and about the classes. Love ta guys till then ;)

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