Hello my dears!!!! I'm back on WoW after 2 years thank god!!! I've missed helping you guys and I've missed a lot og Blog time. You can blame my school work for that. Anyways, I'm back on WoW, on my lvl 255 Hunter Soph and Remorse, and my lvl 80 Huner DeatherFeather on Redemption. Like always, if you play on either  server whisper one of those two characters. I'm also starting a new horde on Redemption, my lvl 80 Mage Silver line. Fell free to whisper me on any of thoses characters, or feel free to email me with any questions at I will be happy to help you lvling, quest, raids, or anything you might need help with.

Till then

Deathfeather/Soph/Silverline~~ <3

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