Achievements are a great way for WoWWiki users to compete in a friendly contest of badge collection, as well as a way to chart individual contributions. Just like achievements in Warcraft, these are for bragging rights, a way to get your name noticed, and a way to collect a large array of badges to display on your personal page.

A leaderboard keeps track of points earned, as well as most recent badges. Badges and ways to earn them are themed according to Warcraft. They can be as simple as making a single edit, making a thousand edits, or making edits to specific types of pages. Achievements can cover editing, blogging, uploading pics, uploading videos, and more.

If folks are interested, a forum thread would be dedicated to ideas about images, names, and badge requirements.

A poll has been set up here for voting. People can leave comments there or here, if they'd like to leave one. It isn't required! More information about achievements can be found here.

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