Appearance altering!

Players have been asking for a number of years for the ability to change the appearance of their armor and weapons. Some wanted it because of Roleplaying, some because they missed the look of some of the old tier sets, and others because current armor isn't all that appealing to them. Whatever players' motivations for wanting the feature, Blizzard has finally listened!

Coming in Patch 4.3.0 will be a new feature, transmogrification. The Ethereals, savvy devils that they are, have crossed into Azeroth to offer their skills in this department. Players will be able - for gold - to alter the appearance of whatever items they choose (retaining current stats), provided they can wear it.

There are a few caveats, however:

  • Only items with stats can be altered.
  • Your class has to be able to use both items. No Frostforged Helmet for you paladins.
  • It seems at this point you will have to own the items you want to transform things into.^
  • Legendary items are not eligible.
  • You can't change armor/weapon types, so no altering the appearance of plate to look like a cloth robe.^^

^There is talk of having some items already available in the interface, such as the Death Knight starting gear and tier items no longer available in the game.
^^It seems ranged weapons (guns, bows, and crossbows) won't follow this last rule to the letter, so players will be able to use a gun, but have it look like a crossbow.

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