Where are my charecters?

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so i stoped playing wow ago in 1 and a half year or more so cataclysm came out and i wanter to play again so i saw HUGE differences in the website first there was this battle net thingy and the website had alot of make ups so i had already a battlenet account with alot of old blizzard games and starcraft 2 and a wow trial so i try to merge it with my old wow account and it fails. couple of months later i try again and just like that it worked in the first try so i see the wow wrath of the lich king but it says no charecters were found... which is stange since i had a level 80 dwarf hunter a level 80 gnome warlock a 70+ troll death knight and 30+ troll priest so i go to buy the digital and it takes me to the vannila or all the games deal... im a bit scared can anyone tell me whats going on?--LittleNemo (talk) 18:40, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

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