== Opalah would be young, very young. She seems to be just learning to walk as she

stumbles up to her father. He smiles brightly at her as he puts his arms out to greet her

and lift her into the air while they laugh.

"Soon Opal, you will be taught to hunt and kill. To fend for yourself." He says softly

into her ear as he holds her close in an embrace. He tickles the side of her face with

his nose and sets her down. He gently takes her small hand and leads her to the

house near them.

As they enter the house, the noise inside is loud and busy. The elves inside busy

themselves in the room as they prepare for dinner. Soon, they all sit down at the

table. Both parents smile lovingly at each other before looking around at the eight

children. There seems to be all ages but Opalah seems to be the youngest as she climbs

onto her chair with some difficulty. They talk with each other over the course of the

meal and then move on to busy themselves once again, with cleaning up the mess.

After a few years...

Opalah comes sprinting through the forest and leaps onto a stump of an old tree. She

crouches down to touch the freshly cut wood and a frown forms on her small face.

She places her palm against the stump and closes her eyes as tears fall from her eyes.

A noise is heard from behind her and her ears twitch as she whips around to search

out the source.

A large Orc stands before her on the other side of the stump. It growls at her and

suddenly swing an axe at her. She quickly jumps off the opposite side of the tree and

takes off into the woods. She runs deep into the forest as her anxious eyes scan behind

her every few seconds. She slows her run as she loses sight of the Orc. As she stops fully

and catches her breath, she hears something in the distance. Night slowly creeps into

the forest and blankets the sky in darkness. She climbs a tree with much ease and

hides in its branches for quite some time before she continues through the forest.

She slowly makes her way through the green woods toward her house. As she comes to

the clearing where her house is ,she senses something is wrong. The house is very quiet

as she approaches. She lowers herself to the outside wall of the house as she leans up

against it to listen. Her ears would twitch at every sound in the woods. She moves to

the door and puts an ear to it, hoping to hear something. After a few moments of

silence, she finally opens the door slowly. The room she enters would be empty.

"Opal." A voice whispers near her. She quickly turns to see her family in the corner. She

quickly makes her way over to them. "What is going on Father?" She climbs into his

lap and looks up at him. "Opalah? Did you go further into the woods then you were ==

supposed to?" Opalah ducks her head and the look of guilt moves over her features. "I

only wanted to see." He sighs softly and strokes her hair. "Did anyone see you?" She

quickly lifts her head to look at him, " orc, father." He lets out a sharp breath

and hugs Opalah close. "It will be okay. An army of Orcs came to the house in search

of someone that went beyond the boarders of our forest." Opalah looks frightened

and looks to her siblings. They each share in this look of terror as they huddle closer.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps are heard approaching the house. The children whimper in

fear only to be hushed by their parents. Opalah looks to her mother and father as

they stand up to go into the other room to go outside. Voices are heard but no words

can be made out. The voices become more raised and then shouting. The door to the

room slams open and their parents come through the doorway as well as seven orcs.

Their mother looks to the children in sadness and their father shares the same


Within a moment, the orcs are pulling out their weapons and Opalah freezes in fear.

She scrambles to the corner of the room as the orcs approach the children while

holding the parents firmly. Opalah shuts her eyes tight as she hears the screams and

feels the floor vibrate with the movements upon it. She puts her hands to her ears to

shut out the sounds. She suddenly feels arms grab her shoulders and shake her softly.

She opens them quickly and looks into the eyes of her Father. "Opal...come quickly.

Close your eyes, Petal." His voice calmed her and she immediately does as he says and

closes her eyes. She feels herself being lifted and move to another part of the room.

The ground would still vibrate and she still hears the soft sounds of screams or


Soon she is being lowered to the ground and a large hand touch her face. She opens

her eyes to see her father once again. He looks at her with love and concern. "Climb

into here Opal. You will be safe here. Now hurry, Petal. I love you. I am very proud of

you and always will be." Loud footsteps come running towards them as he pushes his

lips to her forehead and gives her a little push into the small opening in the ground.

She climbs down into the hole that barely allows her to crawl into and all light is

shut out as her Father closes the top with something. She feels herself sliding down

into the hole more as a sickening thud is heard above her. She opens her mouth to

scream but suddenly the small hole gives and she is sliding deeper into the tunnel. As

her eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, she turns around and begins to crawl deeper

into the hole.

After a few long hours, she spots light in the far distance of the tunnel and she

quickly moves to it. She reaches it finally and pushes at the plant that covers the

opening. When the plant gives way, she sticks her head out to view a familiar spot in

the woods. She quickly climbs out and stands up while turning in the direction of

where her house was. She waits in the darkness, unsure if she should go back to her

house or stay in hiding.

She nods to herself and begins to walk back to the house. She listens to every noise

and waits when she hears something before proceeding. When she sees her house. she

chokes back a cry at the open door. Without thinking, she runs to the house and into

the open doorway. Blood spatters the floor in sicking puddles. She slowly moves

through the rooms silently. She finds no one. She walks to the spot where she had seen

her father last and falls to her knees at the spot. She bends down to place both her

hands into the pool of blood at the opening of her escape. Tears stream from her face

as she closes her eyes. She lifts her hands and turns them over to look at them, now

covered in her Fathers blood. He had saved her. Her sob echos in the house as she

buries her face in her bloodied hands. Hours seem to pass as she cries quietly in the

empty house.

As she stands up slowly, her hands drop to her sides. She walks to a shelf and quickly

takes something from it then heads to the doorway. Her young blood stained face is

seen from the light of the moon. She lifts her gaze to look up into the sky and closes

her eyes a moment. When she opens them, a look of determination fills her features

and she takes bold steps into the woods. The item she took from the shelf is now

attached at her hip; A golden dagger.

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