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June 26, 2011
  • Jraid

    Muradin Bronzebeard's Steam Tank what would it be like.

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  • Jraid

    please note that i did not wright this i just copied it for reference Dwarven steam tanks are cumbersome, heavily armored vehicles, that are mobile siege weapons piloted by brave and sometimes reckless dwarves. These cumbersome, heavily armored vehicles can transport troops across hostile terrain and serve as mobile bunkers for beleaguered forces. Their heavy weaponry is too cumbersome to target enemy units and can only be used on buildings. Steam tanks use a phlogiston-powered boiler to fling its projectiles Steam tank crews are given tremendous respect for their skill in guiding their magnificent weapons of war The Steam Tank has a ranged attack and is used solely to kill buildings. The Steam Tank has very thick building armor which mak…

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