Best alliance race

Have you ever wondered what the best alliance race in wow is? Well, it depends on what you want your class to be! If you want to be a priest, pally, etc you should be a human because humans have a spell called The human spirit which increases your spirit by 3%. If you want to be a tank, than you should choose a race that has lots of strength, like orcs.

The benefit of being a night elf

If you don't like Druids of rogues but you like to be invisible than the night elf is the class for you!! Night elves have a power called shadowmeld, this spell makes you disapear into the shadows like going into stealth or prowl. The only difference is that shadowmeld breads if you move... I know, it's a big difference, but it is still very good to have if someone if you need to hide frame something! You can not cast shadowmeld if you are in combat.

I hope this info helped =D

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