• FlyinEye

    Why I'm Here

    January 24, 2012 by FlyinEye

    This is my first blog post here and I hope I'm doing this correctly. I have a couple of my own blogs. One of them www.chris.moesarts has some posts about World of Warcraft and some of them are, hopefully, humorous. Specifically, the posts I call FAIL posts. Amusing stories about big mistakes I have made while playing WoW. Which brings me to why I am here.

    I have always played on the Alliance side. I started with a Nigh-Elf Hunter, Kardellron, who is still my main. Then a little while after the release of WotLK I created a Dwarf Dark Knight, VonDutch. That was followed by a Blueberry Shaman which I got bored with pretty quickly. After Cataclysm was unleashed on us, I was cursed and spawned a Worgen Warlock, Awsley. His namesake was a tribute…

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