Bought Cata and installed it but the launcher keeps crashing my computer.I found out you dont have to actually install it ( i already had the latest patch downloaded ) and after much messing around and many computer crashes i decided to uninstall the whole thing and start again- now im back to where i was before. Ive tried downloading and installing the client but no joy with that either. i dont think its a computer spec issue as the game was working and running fine right up until i tried to install the Cata disc on christmas day. Ive tried downloading another launcher but thats not working either. please please someone help me!!!! if it helps to know i am using XP service pack three, AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+ and have 1.25 GB RAM and also plenty of HDD space for all WOW needs. like i say, although not the best spec, it has not been a problem up till i tried to install Cata. I also made sure all graphics drivers were upto date ATi (ALL IN WONDER X800 GT) and all were. all help would be much obliged peeps. ty n gl :)

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