Hello guys i came here today because i want help solving a problem i have in wow..At last i finished school and decided to start playing WoW after 2 years that i was playing...I had original WoW , burning cursade and wrath of the lich king expansion and now i bought cataclysm and pandarian.So i tried to log in to my bnet account when i realised that is locked cause suspicious activity.I said never mind and i clicked to the reset account option ... I put my email /first name/last name/secret answer etc and they told me tha an email is sent to my email adress to complete the restoration...Finally i realised that my email has probleem..I cant login to my hotmail caused is locked due suspicious activity by microsoft and i cant get it back to see the emails cause i dont remember all these things i must fill in the gaps to take my email baaack... what can i do??? I dont want to pay more money to buy again cd-keys to start wow :(( ..At least if they can change may mail adress? so when i try to restore my account again to send me an email to another adress so i can check it and complete the restoration...ALL i can prove is my email(locked) /first name /last name / cd -key / and secret answer ...Can somone tell me what to do? I really need your helpp..I sent an emai to and they didnt reply except the automatic mail that doesnt help..Thanks for your time guys!! :)

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