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Hi, i have not much skills in LUA, but i understand most of the commands, and i can see the structure of code fragments. I am a Gamemaster on a Privat Server and there is no realy good and small GM addon that works for CTDB / Skyfire. GMH is what i rewrite,

Author : Marven Some ideas and Code from : Chillu thx !

I am short bevore finished and then i will release it. Just some small stuff is to do, Frames are ready, rewriting commands and its done. Some commands crash the Server ! they are reported and i wait a little bit, maybe they fix it bevore i release. If not, i deaktivate this options and give GMannounce info output.

WoW GMHelper by Leroy 4.x.x v1.7

Greetings to my English Teacher from Germany *G


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