Many MMO players are tired of other games being constantly compared to World of Warcraft. But are they right? Mike Fahey of Kotaku thinks that such comparisons should be made.

I am tired, very, very tired of people complaining about how MMOs are compared to WoW. There is a reason for it. It has now become the description of a genre. Like someone else mentioned, it defines the MMO at large. When you say MMO to someone they'll likely say WoW. Reverse time 8 years... or 9 years. What was the game that EVERYONE knew was an MMO? What defined the genre before WoW existed? Everquest. Same idea. Stop getting pissed off people when they compare one game to the next.
Rift? Compared to WoW because they are similar. Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, all MMOs in recent years have been modeled after WoW because the game was — simply put — SUCCESSFUL. You do NOT break with a good thing. You give it a new face, some new innovation, and hope that it takes on a life of its own.

What do you think? Should every new MMO be compared to WoW? Or should they be assessed purely on their own merits?

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