• I live in the West Coast, US
  • I am female
  • Angelicstarshadow

    Thinking of playing the Level 20-29 BGs but don't know where to start? This guide will (attempt) to help you.

    First you must know the 20-29 bgs is a twink bracket and a harsh one too. If you do not have adequate gear, you will be flattened in matter of seconds. I highly advice to do some Dungeons and have a piece of Uncommon or Rare gear on each slot.

    Secondly, you must be between or at Level 20 to 29 to join. If you are a pure Starter Account or if your account is expired and don't plan to add game time, all you need is a Level 20 character. For everyone else who has an active subscription, you must lock your level at 29 or otherwise you level out of the bracket.

    Head: , , or .

    Neck: or .

    Shoulder: , , , , or

    Back: or .

    Chest: , , , , , or .

    Wrist: o…

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