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AllianceNPC 32Zylone
Title Private
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Level  ?? (Boss)
Position Unknown
Location Aggramar
Status Alive
  • Nightcorpse ~ "Son of a Bitch!"
  • Kelldagrim ~ "Zylone is Quite possible the best player on Aggramar!"
  • Zylone ~ "/agree!"


At this moment in time Zylone's origin is unknown.


Like most God's theres allways myths surrounding them, Zylone is no exception theres many myths surrounding Zylone such as:

  • He is infact technoviking in real life.
  • He can never be Rick Rolled!
  • He has the power of the triforce.
  • He can resist attacks from Thrall.
  • He never runs out of mana.
  • He can solo Kil'jaeden.
  • He plays on a 64mb ram PC!
  • He once dined in hell with Moroes.
  • He currently has Onyxia as a non-combat pet.
  • He doesn't need to delete his WTF or Cache folders!!! ZOMG!!!
  • He can solo kill Kael'thas Sunstrider.

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