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History Edit

In the ancient times of Azeroth, the land was plagued by evil beasts that terrorized the lands. Orion the earth born giant hunter was famous for his beauty and hunting skill. Until one day while hunting he met a beautiful huntress with a pack of hunting dogs he had never seen before, her name was Artemis. Their love for hunting made them join together and hunt the lands and together they slayed the Beasts of Azeroth.

On one of their legendary hunting trips they were tracking a giant dragon called Dragodexxa (mother of Sindragosa and Aeonaxx). When they killed Dragodexxa in an epic battle, where Orion lost his eyes, they collected the diamond dragon eyes, to sell for gold, but one eye was an artifact (that was later named “the Orion”) and revealed a vision to Orion and Artemis that there was an even more hideous and evil dragon alive; Deathwing the Destroyer.

Driven by his pledge to Artemis to rid Azeroth of all evil beasts he dedicated his remaining life to find it, but to no avail. Long before Orion was killed by the poison sting of giant scorpion Madexx in the north of Uldum, he summoned a group of legendary heroes to seek Deathwing. This group was hence known as the Order of the Orion. After Orion’s death, the order decided to kill Deathwing in the name of Orion. Not knowing when and where Deathwing would appear, the order recruited many heroes throughout Azeroth to be ready when the time of Cataclysm would come. It would still take centuries until that day came.

Mage Lord Azulio, son of Azureus is the current Leader of the Order and is recruiting heroes to help him in his quest to find Deathwing. Tank Warrior Kevlâr and his beloved Night Elf Priest Obispa (member of the covenant of Artemis) were the first recruits since the rule of Azulio. They prey each day that The Order will one day destroy Deathwing. And that the soul of Orion can be at rest.

The Guild Edit

Hopefully the storyline above is a good starter for all the players who like RP. Anyone can join and don't hesitate to tell your ideas, in this way we would like to create an active guild where players with a lot of creativity to set up RP events and players who just like to submerge themselves in their role can enjoy a different way of experience WoW.

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