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Neutral 32  Groshk Spellbane(Zugtor Doomarrow)
Talent SpecBeast Mastery
RealmMoon Guard US


  • The Spellbane Clan is the mother of the Doomarrow Clan.
  • The Doomarrow Clan consists of Half-Orcs, where as the Spellbane clan is all Orcs.

Close Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Rajask the Frost King: Rajask, the Troll interpretor, was hired by Groshk to translate the Troll language once. Rajask then decided to join with the Silverpine Society. Then he also decided to make his own tribe, which Groshk is now aiding him with.
  • Silverpine Society: The Silverpine Society was created to stop the League of Lordaeron from taking the city away from the forsaken's grasp. Stationed in the Pyrewood Village, they avoid ambushes.
  • High Society: The Silverpine Society was poor when it was first created, before Groshk was tainted with Mannoroth's Blood. He allied with them because they are rich nobles that can fund the Silverpine Society with protection.

Villains of ZugtorEdit

  • Vlademar: Former Leader of the League of Lordaeron, its hard to track him, however Groshk is determined to find him and execute him.
  • League of Lordaeron: Plans to destroy any Scourge, Forsaken, or Horde that stand in their way to take Lordaeron back.
  • Lordaeron Confederacy: Defended the attacks of the Clans on Goldshire.
  • Khain/Ragnas Nightwing: Wants to kill Groshk's allies, friends and family, such as Nienna, the Little One.
  • Raiynne: A servant to the Burning Legion.
  • Venrome: An off and on villain to Groshk. He stole Groshk's first love, and now plans to cheat on her. Groshk hates his guts, and wants him beheaded.
  • The Underworld: Aiding Raiynne, Servants of the Legion
  • The Eye: Aiding Raiynne, Servants of the Legion
  • Manifest Eminence: Aiding Raiynne, Servants of the Legion

Appearance of ZugtorEdit

  • Groshk Spellbane(Zugtor Doomarrow): Zugtor, before drinking the Blood of Mannoroth, had black eyes and average orc muscles. After consumption of the demon's blood, he obtained pure red eyes, blue spiky hair, and increased height and muscle mass. His skin is traditional green.

Personality of the Zugtor Edit

  • Groshk(Zugtor Doomarrow): Groshk is rough, he hides his true intellect from others. He seems like no one can get close to him. He dislikes small talk with a passion. Under his hard exterior, he has a heart of gold that cares for others.

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