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Zhima is a Tauren Druid of the Feathermoon Realm, and is a member of the White Kodo Clan guild.

War Council Pledge

"I vow to use the law of nature, the feral instinct of the wild, to pursue simple truth and meaning. To provide for the White Kodo Clan with claws, healing powers of the natural world, and a clear understanding of the greater power that the Kodos yield as a unified tribe."

Talent Build

  • 12 Balance
  • 39 Feral
  • 0 restoration

Other Notes

coming soon

Other Characters (Alts)


  • Sharpy, 30 Tauren Shaman
  • Zhasha, 26 Troll Priest
  • Zhira, 12 Tauren Druid


  • Zhaneel, 60 Night Elf Druid
  • Zhanamie, 60 Gnome Mage
  • Zhantiel, 30 Night Elf Hunter
  • Zharlok, 26 Gnome Warlock

Update Zhima transferred with her alt, Zhasha, to the Sisters of Elune realm in mid-January of 2007.

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