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I play World of Warcraft on Mal'Ganis as Geheim.

Character Guild Server Spec Base Stats Skills
APB Stat Health APB Stat Mana APB Stat Strength APB Stat Agility APB Stat Stamina APB Stat Intellect APB Stat Spirit APB Stat Armor Professions APB Skill Cooking APB Skill First Aid APB Skill Fishing APB Skill Riding
IconSmall Undead MaleUi-charactercreate-classes rogue Geheim 70 zZq Mal'Ganis US APB Rogue Combat 20/41/0 8854   100 616 533 43 69 3727 APB Skill Blacksmithing 375 APB Skill Mining 375 375 375 375 300

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