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  • Years have passed since the Horde and Alliance have nearly defeated the Burning Legion and the Scourage. Arthas who has fallen out of power (since the Wrath of the Lich King) has a plan. The new Lich King, Varthimas, who has turned on his once so faithful horde to take the frozen throne. Arthas has lost frostmourne, and it has again gotten into the hands of the Lich King - Varthimas. However recent communication has been detected between Illidian, Archimode, and Arthas. The Horde and Alliance are afraid of them teaming up. Pandarians, Goblins and all of Azeroth is scared. If this meant battle than the Argent Dawn was sure it also meant battle between the Horde and Alliance. To settle this feud between the two factions, the Argent Dawn must again get in the way. They gather five unique races, The Pandarians, Timbermaw and Barkskin Furbolgs, Steamweadle Goblins and the High Elves. The 5 of them create a faction called, The Bargweadle Cartel. The Alliance, Horde, and the Bargweadle Cartel now have to travel to forgien and unknown planets to defeat the new, Burning Scourage.
  • Battle against the Burning Scourage by playing the 2 new races. The Bargweadle Goblins and The Bargweadle Pandarians.
  • Fight up to the newly raised level cap, 100 (2 expansions after WOTLK)
  • Ride on the new Flame Ryder. (A Burning Infinite Dragon Drake)

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