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Preparing for Cataclysm Edit

Goals Edit

Fully participate in any world events. On many toons.

Get Twinks some achieves and goodies.

Boost my Worgen and Goblin toons.

Level professions.

Profit on Auction House.

To Do NowEdit

Stockpile materials for skill levels 1 to 150.

Stockpile materials for skill levels 275 to 300.

Stockpile materials for skills that are Orange/Yellow at 450.

Two Month Before Edit

Sell materials that are for skill levels 150 to 275, and 301 to 400.

Activate Recruit a Friend account. Use Paid Time Card for 60 days. Claim Rocket.

Optional: Activate Recruit a Friend account#2.

Transfer Level 1 Twinks.

  • Nagrand, Halaa booze +20 stam
  • Blades Edge, Ogrila Charged Focus Crystals
  • Rocket Mount, World Explorer

Do the Power battery activity.

  • Dual Box to level two toons to 60 (Recruit a Friend3).
  • Dual Box to level two toons to 30 (Recruit a Friend2).
  • Dual Box to level two toons to 20 (Recruit a Friend1).

Week BeforeEdit

Put in for time off from work.

Defrag hard drive, get rid of old files.

Make a backup of system and of wow folders.

Check Bags and Banks and Guild Banks, clear mail.

Prepare Welcome Packages for the Worgen and Goblin.

Day OfEdit

Nothing. Read forums about fixes, workarounds, and patches. Ignore the crying and server/lag complaints. Sleep. Stock up on water and snacks.

Day After Edit

Log in.

Roll Worgen Druid? Priest?

Roll Goblin Warrior? Paladin?

Veteran toon, mail the Welcome Package.

Do starting zone to level 5.

Summon new toon to a town, get Welcome Package from mail, visit bank.

Recruit a Friend1 level 20 boost new toon from 5 to 15 (10)

Recruit a Friend2 level 30 boost new toon from 15 to 30 (15)

Summon new toon to various flight points ( near Cities, Zeppelins, Boats, Portal )

Recruit a Friend3 level 60 boost new toon from 30 to 60 (30)

New toons go to Outlands. Quest and LFG to 68.

New toons go to Northrend. Quest and LFG to 77. Argent Tourny, Icecrown zone to 80.

New toons go to new zones. Quest and LFG to 85.

Woo! Excitement.

Level Bitterroot and Sistervixen to 85.

Level Mining on Thunkboom and Skinning on Gneaume.

Month AfterEdit

Sigh. Finish grinding some reputations.

Let Recruit a Friend accounts expire/go inactive.

Remember to not stress about gear; it will take a year of patches before they get to the final instances and gear levels anyway.

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