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A level 70 paladin on Khaz'Modan. Currently in the guild "Uncensored" He is a Holy Specialized Paladin. It is said he is God.

Quotes From Yeshibo Edit

"I didn't pull that!" "I decline your reality, and substitute my own!" "WTS - 4 STR 4 STAM leather belt! 500g" "I shall defeat you! *bubble hearths*" "Oops..." "Erm, ftw?" "No thank you." "LEAVE ME ALONE! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

Yeshibo believes he can beat Chuck Norris. Yeshibo believes he's the first paladin. Yeshibo thinks he's better. No. Yeshibo KNOWS that he is better. Yeshibo listens to metal music.

Screenshot Of Yeshibo and his Interface Edit


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