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Spell nature bloodlust

Yasuhiko is an Enhancement Tauren Shaman on the Kilrogg-US server, and is currently a part of Ouroboros.

  • He is currently specced 16/45/0, and is primary raid DPS.
  • He is the author of some alternate strategies currently on WoWWiki, as well as some simplifications/cleanups of various mob pages.
  • He also really enjoys theorycrafting, and if he can't find an answer for you, he'd gladly point you in the right direction.
  • Turns out he doesn't remember to update this page often, too.
  • Lore is another big thing. If you ever wanna just chat about lore, contact me in any way and I'll sit down for some great discussions!

If you wish to contact Yasuhiko, send him a message either in game or on WoWWiki and he'll help you out!

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