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July 31, 2012
  • I live in England/Newcastle ^^
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is School/Sixth Form student (soon...)
  • I am male

'Yo :3 I'm Yalasen/ Josh Howard. I was born in England, to a Scottish mother and English Father therefore rendering me moot of any culture \o/. I've always loved being a nerd and have owned a LOT of games consoles in my time :£ *Feels old*. I enjoy contributing to things in my spare time,

Oh and I also enjoy playing World of Warcraft - Darkmoon Faire EU - Yalasen/Aquantio level 85 Druid/Shaman, playing terraria - Failing 24/7 jetting off on annual holidays ^^ It's not every year we have visited the isalnd, but we have startedd going more often recently. We have been a little more indulgent in our holidays recently, spending a month just out of Venice in 2008, a month in Holland in 2009, a month in France/Germany/Belgium in 2010 and last year we returned to Corfu, and earlier this year we went to Disneylan Paris for a week ^^.

Playing League of Legends. I'm a fan of playing champions that are either deeply capable of suport, or assasination. I play Evelynn/Soraka/Karma/Blitzcrank simply for the fun and unique styles of their play. I very rarely step out of that clique but sometimes I'll play Anivia or Vladimir. Chatting to people :3 Sometimes I'll talk to some people from... (Not gonna discuss that here) but on others I'll talk to strangers haha. Sleeping Can't get enough, I mean, I'll go to sleep at 5 in the morning to wake up at 8 at night haha.

Listening to music. I'm really into a lot of music and my all time favourite musical interests have to be Trentemoller, Animal collective, Agoria, Aphex Twin, Deadmau5, florence and the Machine, Lady GaGa, MGMT, The streets, Gold Panda, Four tet, Tom middleton, Vangelis, Bernard hermann, Electric Guest and Swayzak. Oh and Bjork, Sarah Greggory, Lana del ray, Massive attack and Dj Hell. finally, I promise, Oceanlab+Justine suissa. Anyways. I am an avid learner of stuff, so if you have something to teach let it be taught, shared, sung or danced ^^

Hugging You can have a hug if you want one ^_^

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