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My name is Owen, and I'm from Pennsylvania. I've played the WarCraft series since Tides of Darkness, which was my first high fantasy setting. I've read all the books up until War of the Ancients, although I stopped at the first novel of that trilogy, and I refuse to buy any of the RPG books. I'm an intense roleplayer and I consider myself extremely knowledgeable of the lore, although I've started to like it less than I used to. (Although, this is probably because I'm becoming more interested in sci-fi settings than high fantasy, although Blizzard has something to do with it. Though a fanboy myself, I don't quite like some of their decisions.)

I've played plenty of characters, but I am a Rogue at heart. I've played three of them to decent levels, my first to 32, then my second as my first 60, and now a Blood Elf Rogue who has reached 70. I'm not a good PvPer and I'm usually bored in groups and instances. I prefer soloing and outdoor questing. I also love roleplaying, as I've said. In fact, I've got a link here to my character's biography. Go check it out. It's the sex.

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