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The South Seas and belonging areas.

The Great Sea makes up the deep waters between the continents of Azeroth. This stretch of ocean is so vast you will die of fatigue before you can swim any significant distance in it. Some say that somewhere in the Great Sea lost islands still to be explored and such mysterious places such as the Maelstrom, the Broken Isles and the Undermine await travelers.

Playable Races Edit

Playable Classes Edit

Naga Edit

A faction of former night elves that join the Horde.

Playable Classes Edit

Classes: Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Runemaster

See more ideas for the Naga.

New Zones Edit

Broken Isles Edit

((resembles Stranglethorn))

Darkspear IslandsEdit

Remnants of the former Darkspear home.

Great Sea - an entirely new area, reachable by boat Edit

Great Sea - an entirely new area, reachable by boat

Channel IslandsEdit

Crestfall Edit

Gilneas Edit

The nation-state of Gilneas is located on the peninsula directly south of Silverpine Forest. The nation never fully supported the Alliance. Greymane, attempting to forever remove his nation from what he considered "other people's troubles", barricaded the nation behind the Greymane Wall bordering Silverpine, and does not allow anyone in, even other humans. Even during the Scourge's invasion of Lordaeron, while human refugees came begging to be allowed in, the gates remained shut.

Kul Tiras Edit

(looks like Hillsbrad Foothills)

Over one-thousand years ago, the city-state of Kul Tiras was founded upon a large island west of Khaz Modan and in between Stormwind and Lordaeron. Kul Tiras developed a thriving economy based on fishing and exports. Over the years mighty fleets of merchant vessels were built and they sailed throughout the seas in search of exotic goods to trade and sell.

In the absence of his father Admiral Tandred Proudmoore is now the acting Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras. In the four years since Daelin Proudmoore’s departure Tandred has built the Kul Tiras fleet back up but it compares not to the once grand fleets of years past. With help from his lady friend Captain Misham Waycrest they do their best to destroy the Murlocs, Naga, and pirates that threaten the coasts and vessels of Kul Tiras.

Eye of the MaelstromEdit

Plunder Isle (and Hiji) Edit

(looks like Stranglethorn)

The island where Bloodsail Buccaneers main base is located. Their ruler Duke Falrevere presides over the court of their fortress the Bloodsail Hold. Murlocs, and basilisks also make the island home. Many of the basilisks make the Den of the Cold Eye their home, and the stone statues of unfortunate adventures can be found there. Zandalar Trolls live on the small island of Hiji off the southern coast, and attempt to keep their ancient ruins for themselves.

Zandalar Edit

Island homeland of the Zandalar Tribe, and all other tribes of Azeroth, located south of the Maelstrom. It is the center of Troll civilization in the world currently. It is a solid center with its satellite stronghold of Zul'Gurub (in Stranglethorn Vale), and Zul'Aman (in northeast Lordaeron), the trolls aim to retake their former lands and recreate their ancient empire. Ice Trolls live atop the snowy peak of Mount Mugamba. Zandalar was one of the first if not the first permanent troll strongholds in the world. A summit between all Troll tribes is held on the island every 6 years where they discuss information and plot, under the guidance of King Rastakhan.


Kezan Edit

The tropical island homeland of the Goblins. Once inhabited by the Trolls. Undermine, capital of the Goblins, is located beneath the island. Other notable locations include, Mount Kajaro - an active volcano in the southern part of the island, Bilgewater Port on the north-west coast, Edj on the north-east coast, and Voodress Village, inhabited by Trolls.

Tel Abim Edit

Home of the popular Tel'Abim Banana.

Tol Barad Edit

Tol Barad is an island off the coast of Khaz Modan. Before the Second War, Tol Barad was a thriving province of the nation of Stromgarde. The island was also the site of a fierce battle between the Horde and Alliance. The Horde, having already conquered most of the Dwarven lands was preparing to strike out into the Northern Kingdom of Lordaeron. At the time, the island was being used as a staging point to strike back at Orc raiders. In response, Orgrim Doomhammer launched an invasion of the island. So savage was the attack that the island was rendered lifeless. Not a single tree, bush, or living thing remained, and the original fortress was razed to the ground. Tol Barad became a frightening symbol of the Horde's merciless tenacity and barbarity.

Years later, after the second war, the island nation of Kul Tiras claimed the former stronghold and established a prison over the ruins of the old fortress.

Balor Edit

Island owned by Stormwind.

Cities Edit

Undermine Edit

Undermine, the capital of the Goblins, has recently been opened to all races as a place of refuge, relaxation, and of course, trade. Undermine is a large series of tunnels underneath the Isle of Kezan in the South Seas. It features the Hall of the Trade Princes, as well as extensive tunnels, slave pens, a lift to the upper world, and a bay for the goblin's zeppelins.

Bloodsail HoldEdit

Capital of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, only accessable as a city if allied with Bloodsails.

Instances Edit

Tomb of Sargeras Edit

The term Tomb of Sargeras refers to the remnants of the Temple of Elune in the ancient Kaldorei city of Suramar (coincidentally, the same city in which Tyrande, Malfurion, and Illidan grew up) that was used by the Guardian Aegwynn to contain the body of Sargeras after she supposedly defeated the Dark Titan in mortal combat. The Tomb was sent to the bottom of the Great Sea by the Aspects, but was much later raised by Gul'dan, who believed that the body of Sargeras contained the power to make him a god (it was in fact the promise of the Tomb of Sargeras that led Gul'dan to first open the Dark Portal). The warlock led his entire army, about a third of the Horde's entire standing forces, to the islands. This action ultimately led to the Horde's defeat in Lordaeron.

Many years later, the tomb was visited by Illidan who was searching for the Eye of Sargeras to destroy Northrend on Kil'jaeden's orders. Maiev Shadowsong tried to stop him from claiming the Eye, and Illidan collapsed the chamber on top of her, setting off a chain reaction that collapsed the entire building. The tomb's ruins are located on an eastern island in the Broken Isles to the east of the Maelstrom.

Now, as the world stands on the brink of another great war, the tomb has been reopened. Adventurers from the Horde and the Alliance have come to seek what Gul'dan and later Illidan tried to control.

Tol Barad Prison Edit

Tol Barad prision is currently used by magi from both the former nation of Dalaran and Stormwind to house dangerous renegade spellcasters.

Somewhat like the Stockades.

Bloodsail Hold Edit

The home of the Bloodsail Buccaneers on Plunder Isle and is where their ruler, Duke Falrevere holds court.

Bosses: Duke Falrevere - The ruler of the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Jessi Falrevere Lester Zank Wallace Boltscrew

If allied with Bloodsails it becomes a major city.

The Vault Edit

The Vault is a prison in Stormwind, designed to contain extremely dangerous entities: demons, rogue mages, necromancers, and anyone or anything else that could not be held by manacles or iron bars. Similar in many ways to Tol Barad, the Vault is kept secret from the public.

The Vault is located opposite to the Stockade, and mirrors that other prison in most ways.

PvP Edit

Great Sea: A PvP Utopia Edit

The Great Sea is a giant ocean, between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. It contains numerous islands, as well mysterious secrets to explore.

Now, the Great Sea is filled with pirates, as well as enemies from the Horde or Alliance to fight.

See more at /PvP.

New Factions Edit

Kul Tiras Edit

An Alliance faction, has bases on Kul Tiras, Tol Barad, and Crestfall.

Brood of Alexstrasza Edit

The red dragonflight. Has bases in Wetlands, Kul Tiras, and Redridge Mountains. Most quests involve fighting the black dragonflight and the Dragonmaw clan.

Undermine Edit

Capital of the goblins. Most quests involve trade.

Mak'aru Edit

The Makrura capital under the Maelstrom in the Undersea Hills. Most quests involve fighting the Naga.

Updated Edit

Bloodsail Buccaneers Edit

Quests involving the goblin cartels, Undermine, and Kul Tiras.

Steamweedle Cartel, Booty Bay, and Venture Co. Edit

More quests involving Bloodsail Buccaneers.

New Classes ! Edit

Runemaster Edit


A Tauren Runemaster.

Runemastery is an ancient art believed to be founded by or relating to the Titans in some way. This ‘magic’ relied on the energies of markings and ‘runes’ sealed within the symbols etched on that which they are to empower. Because of its heritage linked to the Titans, it is no surprise that their creation, the Dwarves, take to this way of life with ease.

It also came to pass, that the Tauren have discovered runic magic as well. Though Dwarves and Tauren are at ends, they are eager to learn about the titans and their teachings. Henceforth...

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