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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

With the dangers of the Scourge held in check the Alliance and the Horde have turned their attention to another matter, the horrors of the naga, and a frightening discovery, the Maelstrom... is growing.

New AreasEdit

Zandalar (Island): Home of the Zandalar Tribe, and hub of troll culture. The Zandali trolls have been aware of the Nagas' actions for several years, but didn't fully comprehend the danger that they posed due to their preocupation with troll matters concerning the rise of Hakkar within Zul'gurub. The Zandali were given a violent wakeup call when a large group of Naga invaded the island in an attempt to destroy the trolls capital. Although the Zandali trolls lost several of their High Priests during the assault on Zul'gurub they still had the strength to force the Naga back after a long and costly battle. Sadly the Naga appear to be massing on the small inlets surrounding the island preparing to renew their assault. Under this immense assault the ancient trolls have sent ambassadors seeking aid to the Alliance, Horde, other troll tribes, and even the Makrura and Pandaren.

The Eye: The center of the ocean, where naga spellcasters have been gathering to harness the powerful emanations of the Maelstrom. Recently they have begun developing a spell that would send magically enhanced storms, and gigantic waves against military strongholds close to the ocean, while increasing the size of the original Maelstrom. Alliance and Horde Commanders alike fear that the Naga's work is nearing completion, as new groups of naga have begun appearing offshore alongside both continents, and existing Naga settlements have experienced extreme increases in activity.

Tel'abim: Once a calm and peaceful island, it held a Darkspear troll outpost, a small port set up by the Kul'tiras navy, and a bannana plantation controlled by the Steamwheedle Cartel; Sadly the recent expansions by the Naga have forced hostile murloc tribes out of the ocean and onto Tel'abims shores, causing havoc for all parties involved. The local animals have also become strangley agitated, moving away from the center of the island and attacking anything that approaches them.

Mak'aru: The makrura have battled the Naga for centuries, but they have never had the numbers or magical skill necessary to properly engage them. The naga's recent attacks have forced the makrura to move their organic city to the Southwestern oceans, in hopes of recruiting aid from landdwelling races in combatting the massive naga forces.

Kezan: The massive goblin city of Undermine is Kezans most noteworthy feature, or at least it was until a massive volcanic eruption destroyed the majority of the city. This was discovered members of the Alliance and Horde alike noted that many areas controlled by the Goblins, Ratchet and Booty Bay in particular, had been undermanned and undersupplied, when the officials pressed the matter the goblins conceded that several shipments of goods from Undermine were overdue, and none of the teams sent to communicate with Kezan had returned. A joint Alliance and Horde expedition was sent to investigate Kezan, escorted by several officials from Ratchet. When the investigative groups finally arrived at Kezan they discovered an that the Goblin capital had been partially engulfed by a pyroclastic flow from the volcano, and the outlying settlements of Voodress Village, and Edj had been overun by Naga and Mur'gul. After speaking with the surprisingly large group of Kezan Survivors the events that had transpired became much clearer. The goblins had intentionally destroyed a portion of their city by triggering a volcanic eruption meant to eliminate the Naga invaders that had began to plague the island, sadly the eruption only threw the Naga back temporarily, and they've returned to colonizing. Now the Goblins are quickly rebuilding their settlement, while the native Trolls, and Blackwater Raiders that dwell on the island turn their attention to reclaiming their homes from the encroaching Naga.

Pandaria: Secreted away in the Northern reaches of the oceans the Pandaren thought their homeland safe from any threat, until recently when several of the Pandarens shamanistic elders noted a growing aggresiveness in the local elementals. A group of investigating shaman eventually learned that the increase in the maelstroms size was creating a ripple effect, and allowing more elementals loyal to the old gods to reenter the world. Soon after this unsettling discovery several Pandaren that lived in fishing villages began seeing gigantic hydras and other aquatic monstrosities in the area. Over the next few days, as the pandaren attempted to mitigate the damage caused by the hydras, and work with the natural elementals in an attempt to remove those controlled by the Old Gods, powerful storms began to hammer the island nation, and did not relent for several days, when the unnatural storms suddenly relented, the Pandaren government decided to send emissaries to the Alliance and Horde, in order to learn what might be causing these strange events. When the involvment of the naga became known the Pandaren emissaries immediately sent word home to alert their leaders. After much deliberation the Pandaren decided to make their home in the Stonetalon mountains known to the outside world, and use it as a staging point to set up a new outpost closer to the coast, in order to assist the alliance and Horde in combatting the Naga Empire.

Related Races: Edit

Tuskarr: The jovial Tuskarr hailing from the Borean Tundra of Northrend wish to thank the horde for aiding them in battle against the naga of Riplash Ruins. They have begun working with redesigning their whaling equipment for use against the monstrous beasts of the Great Sea, and have assisted the Horde in colonizing several small isles just north of the Maelstrom.

Makrura: The primitive Makrura have warred with the naga for ages, but it is a losing battle as the naga posses far superior magic and weapons. In an act of desperation the Makrura have relocated their organic city of Mak'aru to the shallower waters of the southwestern oceans. Due to the city being more accessible reprasentatives from the alliance, horde, and even the Zandalari trolls have traveled there in attempts to open up diplomatic ties.

Asaath: An ancient reptilian race that was nearly destroyed by the burning legion ages ago, now their few remaining strongholds upon the Great Seas islands have come under attack by the naga, and these vicious warriors have now prepared to delve into the Maelstrom, and battle against the mutated highborne that first called the legion to the world.

Murlocs: This ancient race of fishmen may have existed even before troll society, sadly most traces of the murlocs past have been erased by the violent sea currents, and the equally violent beasts that dwell there. Currently the murlocs roam the ocean floor in small tribes and clans on the outskirts of areas controlled by the naga. Almost all murlocs are excessivley violent, as they poesses no scholarly intellect, however their rudimentary cunning has allowed them to realize that some races (primarily Makrura and Sea giants, but some tribes have begun to work with land dwellers) are worth allying with when it comes to their own survival.

Mur'gul: These are the murlocs, that willingly or not, have become servants to the mighty naga empire. Most are incredibly oppressed by their naga masters, but the majority lack the courage or organization to stage an uprising of any kind, and those that do rebel are quickly put down.

Sea Giants: As creations of the titans the sea giants wage a neverending battle against the naga that serve the Old Gods. While some have defected to serving Azshara and her empire, whether by magic based persuasion or their own free will, the majority roam the ocean floors leading others of their own kind, or small bands of murloc and makrura against the Naga outposts. Sadly their efforts are uncoordinated, and lack a central hub of any sort, making their progress negligible, and causing more and more to abandon their cause and wreak havoc upon ships in coastal waters.

Hero Classes Edit

Primalist: The Zandalar Tribe have finally begun to divulge the knowledge of their High Priests techniques to other races, if the student is willing to honor and respect the Loa as they do.

Leather Armor
Shapeshifting for tanking and DPS
Powerful Haste based buffs

Runemaster: The massive Sea Giants are willing to teach what they know of the Titans arts if the student proves to be an enemy of the naga and Old Gods.

An armor/weapon system loosley based off disenchanting (the Runemaster breaks down the armor, and creates a corresponding Runepattern on themselves instead, still not sure how that works with pants though...)
A hybrid class, similar to the Paladin and Shaman, but with abilities that lean more towards crowd control, and buffing than DPS or healing.

Work Notes Edit

I realize that a bit of this is redundant, but i'll be adding new information over the next couple of days, and condensing anything that's repeated.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or ideas i'd like to hear them and maybe add them to the main article.

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