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The Broken Legacy Edit

  • Synopsis: The Maelstrom, site of the original Well of Eternity, has finally ceased its raging. Adventurers will now discover the horrors that await on The Broken Isles, home to many twisted evils and hatreds centuries past. Players will venture over 7 different isles as they quest to level 90, and face new horrors.
  • Related areas: The Broken Isles (Each isle has a separate name)
  • Related opposing forces: Naga, Burning Legion, Wretched (High Elves), Murlocs.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Dragons (Red - Horde ; Bronze - Alliance ; See Below For Racials)
  • Related Hero Classes: Warden
  • Related Professions: Minstrel (Songs grant buffs)
  • Extras: Dragon Racials:
    • Disguise - Masquerade as another race (determined by class) THIS IS ALWAYS ON IN AZEROTH, BUT YOU ARE DISPLAYED AS LEVEL XX DRAGON. (Active in Outland)
    • Red Only: Essence of the Red - Increases healing done by magical spells and effects by (50% of your level) for 5 minutes.
    • Bronze Only: Essence of Time - Increases attack speed/decreases casting time by 50% for 1 minute.
    • Aspect Drive - Increases Spirit by 15%. (Passive)
  • Other Extras: Great Sea Battleground/Arena - Take on other teams/opposing faction as you sail into enemy waters and blast their ships to pieces!
  • Related dungeons: Three On Broken Isles:
    • Zin-Aszhari: First Night Elf Capital - A Four Wing Dungeon - Three 5-man and one 25-man Raid ; Levels 85-89 ; Final Boss: Queen Azshara
    • Fraughtwater Village: Watchers Settlement - Single Dungeon ; Level 82-64 ; Final Boss: Shandris the Waverider
    • Tomb of Sargeras: 25-man Raid ; 90+ ; Final Boss - Eye of Sargeras
  • New CoT:
    • Guldan's Trek: Stop Guldan before he reaches the Eye of Sargeras! (This is impossible to do; You fight him and kill him, but he uses a Soulstone and stuns the raid before grabbing the Eye and attempting to kill you. Kill him a second time and replace the eye within 10 minutes to win. The eye increases his power greatly, allowing him to shapeshift and go into demon mode.)

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