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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The gates to the Emerald Dream have been flung open, and the forces of nature requests your assistance in defeating the mysterious Nightmare that has taken over most of it!

The FurbolgAlliance 32Edit

Faction: Having slowly but steadily build up trust with the night elves and draenei, the furbolgs of the Stillpine and Barkskin tribes have finally joined the Alliance, along with other, formerly(?) corrupted ones, as the united Stillbark tribe.

IconLarge DruidDruid: Druidism is an integral part of furbolg society.
IconLarge HunterHunter: Hunting is also an integral part of furbolg society.
IconLarge ShamanShaman: Shamanism is practiced by furbolgs.
IconLarge WarlockWarlock: Some wicked furbolgs seek to use the power of the corruption for their own personal gains.
IconLarge WarriorWarrior: Warriors are always important.

Mount: Perhaps not too surprisingly, furbolgs ride bears.

Capital: Stillbark Hold on Mount Hyjal.

Leader: The former High Chief Stillpine is now High Chief Stillbark, leader of his union.

Language: The furbolgs speak Furbolg, which may or may not be understood by some draenei.

It was only a matter of time before the furbolg tribes would join the Alliance, but the opening of the Emerald Dream has only hurried it up. These druidic little bears are ready to die for the Alliance is they have to.

Racial TraitsEdit

Coming Soon

The WorgenHorde 32Edit

Faction: After having been long closed, the gates of Gilneas have been opened, and from within the isolated land emerges the Gilnean worgen, led by the aged curse-worgen Genn Greymane and his worgen-born son, Upuaut. They joined the eastern Horde, but it may just be another alliance of convenience.

IconLarge DruidDruid: The worgen have a natural connection with the Emerald Dream.
IconLarge HunterHunter: Worgen are natural-born hunters.
IconLarge PaladinPaladin: A new order of paladins has emerged with the worgen: the zealous Duskstar Protectors.
IconLarge RogueRogue: Stealth and guile is something of an expertise for the worgen.
IconLarge WarriorWarrior: Warriors are always important.

Mount: Stags are the preferred mount for the worgen. Dreamstags have been taken from the Emerald Dream and "planted" in Gilneas.

Capital: Greystone, the capital and largest city of Gilneas.

Leader: Genn Greymane rules Gilneas, along with his son and chief warlord Upuaut the Hunt-Master.

Language: The worgen speak Gilnean.

The opening of the Dream was the omen required for the elusive worgen to reveal themselves to the world. Having their own unique ideas about things, Lord Greymane's worgen chose to align themselves with the Horde instead of Gilneas's previous faction.

Racial TraitsEdit

Coming Soon

The Watchers of the DreamEdit

Maiev Shadowsong leads a united military incursion into the dream, along with her Watchers of the Dream. They focus on martial matters, being the elite warriors they are. The Watchers is one of two factions you can choose between after entering the dream.

EtN Watcher Warden

A night elf warden

The WardenEdit

If you have at least one character aligned with the Watchers, you can create a character of the Warden class. A Warden superficially resembles a rogue, but with some radically different aspects.

The Cenarion AssemblyEdit

While the Watchers are focused on military, Malfurion Stormrage's Cenarion Assembly is concentrated on more spiritual matters, hosting some of the best spellcasters around. The Assembly is one of two factions you can choose between after entering the dream.

The HierophantEdit

EtN Assembly Hierophant

A tauren hierophant

If you have at least one character aligned with the Assembly, you can create a character of the Hierophant class. A Hierophant is sort of a cross between druid, priest, and shaman.

Legendary MountsEdit

The next step in mounting is Legendary mounts, land ones availible once you reach 90, with 140% land speed increase, and flying on level 100, with 140% land speed increase and a staggering 540% flying speed increase.

New InstancesEdit

Coming Soon

New Factions (excluding the new racial factions)Edit

Coming Soon

Changes to the GameEdit

  • Furbolgs and worgen now have the proper models, complete with equipment.

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